Google Images Help!!!?

By The way It was only today that this started happening.

Whenever i go to google iimages and i click on the enlarge button it comes up with a code for making a website thingy, please help me if you know or you can just e-mail me your opinion on advise.

Example: i went to google images and i typed in google images (first thing that came in my head) i then clicked on the first picture (which was a google sign) and it came up with this code.

<html><body><img alt="http://www.searchviews.


column-1/images/google-logo.jpg" src=




(its all in one line in google with no spaces)

Does anyone know whats going on?

And By The Way this happens with every picture, i could give you another 20 million examples, and if this is happening to anyone else can they tell me please, or if this has happened to someone can they give me information on how to fix it? thanks.

My E-mail is

My E-Mail is

I reccomend using because i visit that more often.

Thanks again.


I have safari and internet explorer, but right now I'm using Firefox, and no it is not happening to all Firefox users...(i think)

Update 2:

and yes it does work on safari =] thnx

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    its ur webrowser get safari

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