Zuko vs. Azula on Youtube without music added in?

I need to find a video without all the stupid music stuff added. I just want the fight as seen on T.V. I found it once but I can't find it again. Please help!

(For extra information, I want the last fight between the two)

P.S. I was also looking for a video of Aang fighting Ozai with "Numb" playing in the background. I found a couple, but some weren't as good as the other one. The good one starts out at the part where Ozai says "I have all the power in the world!" or it was very close to that part I think.

Giving the link to both of them garuntees you the best answer (Unless someone else posted both of them before you)


(Of course only correct links qualifiy you for best answer. If it's not the one I wanted you still get an A for effort though)

1 Answer

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