2009 OSCARS: indian rags-to-riches v Nixon interview v elderly infant v Holocaust dilemmas v gay politician?

Hey guys

After 364 days, the Oscar is back, arguably with a bang.

The list of nominees has, in my opinion at least, incorporated more high-profile names.


My focus is on the Best Picture award.

Here are the five:


Arguably the most intriguing storyline, with a man born with physical condition of an elderly and grows up physically in reverse.

13 nominations, Director: David Fincher, Starring: Brad Pitt


The most controversial political movie of the year, depicting interviews of late former US president Richard Nixon with TV personality David Frost.

5 nominations, Director: Ron Howard, Starring: Frank Langella & Michael Sheen


The most sexually daring nominee, based on life of late Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to hold a public post in America’s history.

8 nominations, Director: Gus van Sant, Starring: Sean Penn


Continuing Oscars’ tradition to pick historical movies, it draws a very dramatic picture on the impacts of World War II – Holocaust, to the subsequent generations.

5 nominations, Director: Stephen Daldry, Starring: Kate Winslet


A critically-acclaimed movie on the clichéd rags-to-riches story, but with an Indian flavour.

10 nominations, Director: Danny Boyle & Loveleen Tandan, Starring: Dev Patel & Freida Pinto

Personally, I feel that Benjamin Button is the most well-placed to seize the coveted Best Picture award.

I am sick of dark, political movies in past years like The Departed and No Country For Old Men. Not that Im against the genre, but Ive had enough of it.

So for me, its Benjamin Button against Slumdog Millionaire.

Benjamin Button wins it if it was up to me as it has the most refreshing storyline; thinking of a man aging backwards is brilliant. Slumdog Millionaire also has highly creative script but the fact that it is based on Asian culture seems to be dampening its chances.

Im an Asian myself by the way, so Im just thinking objectively.

What do you think?

What about other major categories like the Best Actor and Best Actress?

Please put forth respectable arguments, rather than just picking a movie.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Best Picture - - SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE will win as an upbeat, positive happy ending kind of movie just as "Rocky" won in 1976

    Best Actor - Frank Langella - - Oscar voters are older and they remember Nixon not at all fondly - - hence this is the one award for that movie

    Best Actress - Meryl Streep will win since her films will be a much bigger plus for Hollywood ("Mamma Mia!) than those of Kate Winslet

    Best Director - Danny Boyle in a big-budget movie as he has gotten the authentic look of Mumbai right - he edges out other nominees

    Source(s): my Oscar Picks and intuition
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  • 4 years ago

    I used to be a regular here, i even started the Secret Vegan/Vegentarian Elitist Society on myspace that was inprired by people on here, but i cant find a link now. I can remember a few here from about a year ago (mainly michael) I stopped coming here because the trolls got boring.

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  • 1 decade ago

    benjamin buttons, not political, but instead interesting and

    thought provoking, plus it was truly very well done.

    i think buttons will win.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i going with Benjamin buttons but i think milk will take it all

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