I Was Liftin A Bag Of Leaves And Then I Couldn't Move My Index Finger At All What Is Wrong?

My Other Fingers Were Fine But My Index Finger Was Stuck For About 5-10 Minutes. Could Something Have Been Wrong With My Wrist Because It Hurt 2.

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    You probably have developed a minor to moderate case of arthritis in your finger and/or wrist. Arthritus is a condition that affects a part of the body where 2 bones meet, called a joint. Symptoms include pain, (that's you!) stiffness (that's you!) inflimmation- was it swollen? damage to joint cartilage, and surronding structures become bothersome/stiff/sore (your wrist!) You should probably see a doctor soon. Treatment is easy, including anti-inflammitory medications, cortisone injections, hand therapy, ice and heat treatments, and wearing a splint.

    i hope this helped!! remember to check up with a specialist.

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