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how can i clean my laptop fan? it gets dusty,now it's so loud?

it's new!

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    Sure it's new! Why do you think people dust their houses? Because dust is minute. (My-Noot) It can get in the smallest cracks, and enter your home, plus your computers.

    Use a can of compressed air for computers, and blow out the Air Intake duct. Computer off, AC adapter unplugged, (Charger), and battery out!

    MAKE SURE the laptop has NO electricity to it!

    Hold the laptop up on it's side, on a table. It the Air Intake duct is on the bottom, (Most of the time it is), hold the intake duct towards you. If it's on the side, (Not so much anymore. Usually older laptops. Now the Exhaust duct is usually on the side), hold the laptop so the duct is facing out towards the side.

    Break the plastic lock tab, off the top of the compressed air can. This is to keep the trigger, from being depressed during shipping. Attach the plastic 'straw'.

    Hold the straw about two finger digits, from the Air Intake duct grille.

    USE SHORT bursts of air! Press the trigger down all the way, but let go quick!


    Because inside the laptop is a small fan. The Air Intake duct starts out as a large opening, then usually narrows down to a Cooling Tube.

    This Cooling Tube is about the diameter of your finger, but is slightly flattened.

    The small fan is only designed to spin so fast. Using a long blast of air, can make it spin faster than it was designed for.

    This can lead to premature failure of the fan's bearings!

    Get right up against the Air Intake grille, and use more short blasts. Move in a pattern, from the top going down, and side to side.

    (Start at the top of the grille. Go across in a row along the top. Drop down a row of space, in your mind that you want, and go across again. Do this until you get to the bottom)

    When you are satisfied that the Air Intake duct is clean, set the laptop down in it's normal position on the table. Spray off the keyboard, and surrounding area.

    As you use the can of compressed air, you will note that tilting it can shoot a liquid looking substance. This is the propellant for the can of air. The can's instructions, indicate to not tilt the can. Good Luck!

    If you are doing a good job, you will tilt the can along the way!

    Also, you will notice that the air pressure drops, as you use the can of air for a while.

    This is because the air is coming out of the can so fast, that it freezes the moisture in the outside air, and forms ice on the nozzle, and straw.

    Let the can sit for ten minutes or so, and warm up, then you can use it again.

    When you have your laptop clean to your satisfaction, let it sit for ten minutes. The moisture I mentioned, may be inside the laptop fan area, and needs to dry out. About ten minutes should do it. You may want to tilt the laptop up a bit, so that air can get to the Air Intake duct. (IF it's on the bottom)

    When you are satisfied the laptop is dry, insert the battery, and the AC adapter. WAIT two minutes, then turn the laptop on.

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    You probably need to have the fan replaced if it is noisy. Sounds like the bearings are wearing out. You can try the canned air first.

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    Use compressed air and clean it out

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    with canned air

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