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what does sos stand for?

what does sos really stand for????

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    In Morse code it was just 3 letters that were easy to send ... --- ... Easy to remember so it became standard after a while. It was not the first Titanic used CQD

    In the military it's S**T on a shingle = creamed chipped beef on toast

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    SOS does not stand for save our souls or anything, its a standard distress signal used by aircraft, boats, campers, etc. it was developed when Morse code was the standard means of communication, the letters "s" and "o" are the most simple letter codes. "s" is three quick dots and "o" is three long dashes. its easily memorized by a common person and can be signaled by clicking a radio on and off, flashing a flashlight, banging on the hull of a ship, etc. in the pattern ". . . _ _ _ . . ." phrases like save our souls came later on as an easy ways of remembering SOS

    Source(s): just look up SOS on wikipedia
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    This is weird, as I feel like I am answering my own question. I asked this question not long ago and got two answers for the most part. They are Save Our Ship and Save Our Souls. They both make sense as they are a call for help. I chose the best answer based on the research and the main consensus was "Save Our Souls". It makes sense because we call for help and write this in the sand and we aren't on a ship either. America is based on Christianity .

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    It really has 2 meanings: Save Our Ship or Save Our Sailors

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    Originally it meant nothing. Just a series of morse code letters easily entered and identifiable as a distress symbol. It came to mean Save our Ship.

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    Although SOS has been said to mean many different things, it originally was chosen because of its "easy radiation and its unmistakable character". In other words, three dots (S), three dashes (O) and three more dots (S), was just a distinct and easy to remember pattern.

    Any phrase said to be what SOS "stands for" has been added to SOS since its inception.

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    Well, as in "I <3 SOS", it means SomeOne Special.

    If you're sending out a distress signal, it means Save Our Ship, I think.

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    Well, they are correct, but as a middle school teacher I can say it also stands for "someone special"

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    Save our ship. But i say Save our sausages.

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    save our ship

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