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American History Question - When was the United States Formed?

How good is your understanding of American History?

When was the United States of America created? Hint: American Revolution (1775 - 1783)


Sorry Serena G, wrong answer.

Update 2:

Never ceases to amaze me how little Americans know about their country's history, but yet they can tell you anything you want to know about Black History month or Gay rights.

Update 3:

1776 was the "Declaration of Independence"

Very sad commentary on Americans and their knowledge of their own country.

Update 4:

Knowing when the country you live in was created is obviously to difficult of a question for the average American.

1775-1783 the thirteen colonies fought for independence.

1783-1788 the United States of America did not exist.

The United States Government was created by the Constitution.

The Constitution was created in 1787 and ratified in June 1788.

In 1789 the first presidential election was held. (I am afraid to ask if anyone knows who the first President elect was…)

Prior to this election, there was no executive branch of government, because there was no United States of America government.

The Confederation of Congress ruled the national government with a SYMBOLIC presiding officer, governed by the articles of confederation.

The articles of confederation acknowledged the independent sovereignty of the separate commonwealths, known as the league of thirteen commonwealths.

Update 5:

Serena G:

Very sad that your a history major and do not know the difference between 13 seperate governments splitting away from Brittish rule to form 13 seperate governments and the formation of one government known as the United States of America. Very sad indeed.

Update 6:

Richard B. I really don't know where to begin in answering your comments. They are so.... elementary is the best term that comes to mind.

The question is very clear. When was the United States of America formed? Not when did we declare independence from English rule. It amazes me that the three of you are so stupid. How can you not see a clear difference between the "FORMING of a Government". Let me speak slower for you. f o r m i n g o f a g o v e r n m e n t that we all live in today. Not when did the 13 english colonies declare their independence from England. THEY were not the United States of America Government morons. They were 13 independent governments, under a form of government known as a commonwealth. morons. In fact the forming of our government came about due to the eventual collapse of that form of government. (let me repeat morons... a completely different FORM OF GOVERNMENT)

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    Is this question a joke?



    Edit: Dude, the United States may not have adapted the constitution until 1787 or ratified the Bill of Rights until 1791, but I do believe the general consensus is that America officially started with the Declaration of Independence - since it was at that point when we declared we were no longer part of Great Britain. The rest was just fighting to maintain our freedom and clarifying what kind of nation we were going to be after wards. Not to mention, one could also argue that we never officially defeated the British, rather we "won" when they ran into financial troubles in 1815 and could no longer afford to war with us over what belonged to whom.

    But yeah. 1776.


    Edit II: lol I won't disagree with you that our current form of government wasn't established in 1776. In that aspect you are correct. However there is a reason our country celebrated its bicentennial in 1976. As a country, it is an accepted belief that "The United States of America" officially started with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. You didn't ask when our government was formed. You asked when we were created. A country remaining a country is more based in ideology than it is in politics. Thats why governments can fall and be rebuilt or changed, yet the original country remains. The ideology of America begins in 1776.

    Source(s): History major. I think you're arguing semantics.
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    You have chosen the wording of your question incorrectly. If you wanted to know when the U.S. gained independance that should of been the question not useing the word "Formed"

    The U.S. was being formed long before 1776.

    The War of 1812, between the United States of America and the British Empire (particularly Great Britain and British North America), was fought from 1812 to 1815.

    You could get into alot of side trips due to your poor question. Don't bother people with your search for self amusement.!

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    For the very pompous Richard B. The original question was "why did we celebrate 1976?" It was because it was the Bicentennial of our country. We celebrate that every 4th of July. DUH! You don't need any degrees to know that. Maybe you are too young to remember why the $2 bill was make? It was to celebrate the 200th birthday of our country.

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    1861 it's a corporation

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    Why the hell are you trying to educate us about our own history??

    Does it give you pleasure if someone answers wrong??

    It's July 4,1776 because that's the day we became independent from England.

    edit: dude,stfu. Why do YOU care if we answered wrong on a technicality?perhaps you just need something to boost your ego...

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