help matrix or film experts?

i need to do this (opening ten minuites of matrix only)

- explain how different films fit into genres

- why do audiences like to know the genre of the film

-what is the matrix genre

- outline features we expect to see from these genres

- why is the film established the genre in the opening

- analyse the presentational features used in the opening of the matrix in point, evidence explanation, comment on lighting, music, props, sound effects, setting, special effects

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    I'm not a matrix or film expert but I'm studying Media at the mo so maybe I can help.

    Okay so already when the movie is in no more than 30 seconds you analyse the colours : Bright green - bright green is the typical colour for a Sci - Fi movie, so already you have a hint to what genre the movie is going to be. (This also gives you a start on outline features you expect to see from these genres as you already have one to comment on)

    A little while on from that you are introduced to a killing? I can't remember very well, but you can see guns and police officers and a dead body on the floor or something so it's going to be an action film as well.

    It's all very dark and enigmatic, the opening credits music is full of suspense and computer noises - decoding sounds?

    The props in the film you can see yourself - just make sure you comment on the fact that everything in the film is there for a reason, no coincidence or chance.

    Obviously, audiences like to know what the genre of the film is because they like to see whether it's too their tastes. If you like horrors, you'll go to a horror movie and not a chic flick because you won't enjoy it.

    All movies have particular traits - horrors - someone always runs upstairs when they know they're gonna be trapped, teen movies / chic flicks in school - always gonna be a popular girl who's bitchy and catty etc.

    There's a lot more you can say but I don't have the film this is from memory lol, hope I helped a bit and good luck!

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