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Ear wax removal without drops or syringe?

Hi, uhh, my ears are blocked up with ear wax, and they have been for like, years, I can hear pretty well but I know there's wax in there because the Doctor checked it out.. I had them syringed once but it didn't do anything, I just went deaf in one ear for a night, and was told to use ear drops, but now I'm just terrified to put absolutely anything in my ears, is there any other method of atleast softening ear wax without putting ear drops in?


Oh one more thing, I know it hurts to go on a plane with blocked ears but can the pressure damage your ears if they're blocked with ear wax?

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    I have had ear problems since I was little & hve tried a lot of things.

    Use oilve oil drops (I think 2ice a day for about a week; depending) to soften the wax & I know you don't like this but syringing is the best way to get them out becuase probably the wax is too far down to do anything urself.

    Although another methos which my friend taught me is putting a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide which fizzes in ur ear & clears the wax but it didn't work for me last time becuase there was too much wax. It works though (for small build up of wax). if you have this priblem a lot then you could do this, say every few weeks to avoid build up. it is completely safe as my friend has been doing it for a long time & they also put it in ear drops in small quantities. (& it is also fun as u hear it fizzing away in ur ears!!)

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    Do not use ear candles; they do not work at all. Cotton swabs merely push more earwax back into the canal than they extract. The best thing is to just let the water run into your ears each time you shower and slowly the wax will be forced out.

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    After each shower, I use a q-tip to clean my ears.

    I guess you gotta learn how to use q-tips efficiently.

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    have you try these thing called ear candle you stick it your ear spouse suck ear wax out

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