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good comedy/drama books?

hey guys i wna buy a new book. something heartwarming and funny like marley and me? any suggestions. also if anyone knows any good series? i dont care what kind.. as long as its not horror :) thnx

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    Earl Hamner's Spenser's Mountain and The Homecoming

    Carl Reiner's Enter Laughing

    Mark Twain's A Connectcut Yankee In King Arthur's Court

    Lewis Black's Nothing Sacred

    George Carlin's Braindroppings

    any book by Lewis Grizzard or Dave Barry

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    The Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series:

    -The Lightning Thief

    -The Sea of Monsters

    -The Titan's Curse

    -The Battle of The Labyrinth

    -The Last Olympian(Comes out in May)

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    Man and boy - Tony parsons.

    Its probably for older readers though (due to language) but its not really that bad. So funny and heartwarming :)

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    If you liked Marley and Me, then I would suggest The Good Good Pig. It is about a woman who owns a pot-bellied pig and she writes about him like Marley and Me. It's a tear-jerker, I'll warn you.

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    I really like the Harry Potter series. If one start to read the first book, one can not stop untill you have read the last one.

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    Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella. It's a very good read I can never get bored of. =]

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