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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書高等教育 (大學或以上) · 1 decade ago


我今年F.5, 想去美國/加拿大做一年交換生,之後以海外生身份考香港的大學,得唔得??成功的機會有幾大?

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  • Gary
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    1 decade ago
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    Not much.

    In order to qualify non-jupas admission, you must be able to provide relevant education qualification in order to be processed.

    For instance, they must have a transcript to prove you have graduated from high school (not attended), and with standardized test score.

    Even the place you have exchanged may be a college. But still you have to be educated for a lengthy time (at least 2 years) in order to be considered for transfer.

  • 1 decade ago

    I was an exchange student in the US when I ve done F.6, yes you CAN futher your studies after the exchange year, but the point is it depends on the high school to give you a cerified of high school graduated. and of course, you need to get a decent grade from high school. However, it is a very very good experience anyway, it worths!

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