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迷糊娃 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


拜託大大 幫幫我!! 中翻英!!

文法要對. 不要翻譯軟體直接翻!

盡量用最簡單的單字來了解. 拜託大大幫幫忙

● 網路詐欺


但是, 也的這自由有它向下sideou確信不能, 如果你正處理的人是一個誠實的商人或者正直的力圖要偷你的錢或者你的身分的人。詐騙犯能假裝出售一productften cheaplyust的因此他們能偷你的信用狀或者銀行賬戶細節。與此類似,他們可能花費你錢但是寄給你一不良和沒有價值產品insteadr什麼的即使確實。 大多數線上的拍賣站點進弄髒詐騙犯放許多努力,但是狡猾的詐騙犯可能騙取你打一筆交易。

● 便利







即使沉重下雨或大太陽不需要害怕,因為需要舉行大袋子和由自己的小袋子,賣主全部運用明確方式被送到買家,購物方式相對地留给出去,它真正地更加輕鬆; 而且,而且能駕駛社會經濟實力的改善在網絡成交之外的

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    You can buy anything you to want with to have nearly rap a mouse's store.

    But, also this freedom has its downward sideou to believe firmly cannot, if you are processing the human is an honest merchant or honest tries hard to want to steal your money or your identity person. The swindler can disguise to sell productften cheaplyust, therefore they can steal your letter of credit or the bank account detail. With this similar, they spend your money possibly, but sends for you one bad and does not have value product insteadr anything, even if truly. The majority on-line auction stand enters smears the swindler to put many diligently, but the sly swindler swindles you to hit a transaction possibly.

    limitlessly in the entire day, restriction freedom and the spatial 24 hours, does not need until the essential big bag, and the small bag shoulder, comes back in the home to make the shopping.

    because opens the following shopping several homepage window gap to be more, seller compared to tradition, because does in the spatial shopping can make the shopping space in the individual to be low, when fixed price, economic environment assembly depressed there perhaps discount favoring.

    the promotion, discovers approximately own size, when the network purchase, chooses possibly as a result of the achievement pressure, truly, replace tradition seller, and lets the buyer have not the joyful shopping experience's design.

    even if rains heavily or the sun does not need to be afraid, because needs to hold the big bag and by own small bag, the seller utilizes completely is clear about the way to deliver the buyer, the shopping way leaves relatively, it is truly more relaxed; Moreover, moreover can drive the social economy strength the improvement beside the network finalized a deal

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