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    mouseke`teer` (mouskĕ`tēr`)

    >> 是指由迪士尼公司於1950年代製作在美國ABC電視台播放的電視節目叫: The Mickey Mouse Club(米老鼠俱樂部); 其中約有12位主要演員, 而且都是青少年而已, 而這些演員就叫 mouseketeer;



    這個電視節目內容廣泛, 包含有新聞, 卡通, 連續劇, 音樂, 人物, 喜劇等.

    (The result was a variety show for children, with such regular features as a newsreel, a cartoon, and a serial, as well as music, talent and comedy segments. One unique feature of the show was the Mouseketeer Roll Call, in which many (but not all) of that day's line-up of regular performers would introduce themselves by name to the television audience. In the serials, teens faced challenges in everyday situations, often overcome by their common sense or through recourse to the advice of respected elders.)


    Tim O'Day interviews the 10 Mouseketeers(這時已經都成年了).

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you mean the work "musketeer", as in "The Three Musketeer" (三劍客)?

    Like in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" (貧民百萬富翁)?

    2009-02-22 17:27:55 補充:

    I meant: "I think you mean the word..."

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