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This story was during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The writer name is Shui Hu Zhuan .The main role is Sagacious Lu. The Sagacious Lu is a different kind of monk. The generally monks was gentel, manner that also cant drink and eat the meat. But Sagacious Lu has interested habit of drinking and eating meat.

In the beginning, the abbot to tell Sagacious Lu could not stay the monastery, he needed went to Eastern Capital fine his job. One day, Sagacious Lu didn’t notice the lateness, he couldnt fine the inns before dark. Then, he saw the beautiful manor, he decided went to the manor asked them could they keep he for the one night. But vassals refused his require, after their master knew his situation who invited him into the house and brought Sagacious Lu wine and meat.

When he finished eat, who saw master looking so sad, he asked him reason. The master said, he just have only one daughter, he don’t want his daughter marry to chieftain. Sagacious Lu knew this problem, he decided to help him punishment chieftain, that him cancel the wedding. Although Sagacious Lu is a rough and rude monk, but I like him. Because he can help good people punishment the bad men.

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    This story happened in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644.) The

    author's name is Shui Hu Zhuan. The main role of the story is

    Sagacious Lu. Lu is a monk but different than others. Generally,

    monks were gentle, good-mannered and they were disciplined not to drink alcohols and eat meat. Lu was different, he liked drinking and

    not thrilled about being a vegetarian.

    One day, the head of monastery told Lu that he couldn't stay there

    any more, so Lu headed out to Eastern Capital and tried to find a job. One night, Sagacious Lu got lost on his way back to the inn because

    it was too dark. He saw a beautiful mansion and decided to go ask

    for help. He knocked the door and one of the vassals answered. The

    vassal refused to help him in the beginning, however, the kind

    Master of the mansion came to find out Lu's situation, he invited him

    in for the night and treated him a nice feast with good wine and all

    kind of food.

    After Lu finished eating, he observed the Master seemed a little sad, so he asked him what was bothering him. The Master told Lu he has only one daughter and she was forced to marry the Chieftain. The Master was sad about it. Lu heard the story and he helped the master to

    punish the Chieftain and make him cancel the wedding.

    Even though Sagacious Lu was a rough and rude monk in the surface but I like him because he helped nice people and punished bad guys.

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    1.The generally monks was gentel____>were gentel

    2.你裡面有太多打錯的字 建議先把字改清楚吧!!

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