Which of the following ideologies is/are applied in the Philippines?







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    conservatism - you can't get any more politically rightist than the Roman Catholic Church, the largest "religion" in the country. they have all too many anti-change stands on abortion, the death penalty, and family planning.

    Liberalism - we can find traces of liberalism in Philippine student groups, internet bloggers, and some newspaper editors. we do have senators and congressmen who would tend to be left-leaning centrists.

    Capitalism - a lot of influential people in the Philippines want the country to be run like a business.

    Socialism - lobby groups, party-lists... people who think that we all should be equal.

    Communism - while Joma Sison is smelling orange tulips in Holland, the rest of his supporters in the Philippines are pretty much unheard these days.

    Facism - Heil Gloria.

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    actually, all of these values have been applied either in part or wholly for more than one instance in our country. E.G. :conservativism was brought by the spanish colonizers, Liberalism, by Americans, along with Capitalism.

    Socialism has been alive even before the post-WWII, some claim as early as the Philippine Revolution along with anarchism and communism.

    Fascism- well, this partly "exists" up to now and has been around since we've been colonized.

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    Catholicism, not the head of 6 beasts (Hydra). Since Hercules slain this monster, the Philippine ideology extends beyond the stars; ask Batista.

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    I agree with the first answerer.

    We have seven thousand islands and anyone of them could play host to any of those ideas, or any combinations thereof.

    And yet again, I'd hasten to add that if they were seeds scattered by Western winds, only very few had found hospitable soil and may at this very moment be on the edge of extinction.

    We are a very sensible and moderate nation. Even capitalism is tainted with kindness in most parts of the islands.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say Liberalism and Socialism... To that I'd add Marxism.

    BTW - is everyone aware that PNPA does not stand for Philippine NPA, but rather for PNP Academy :-)))))

    Bad choice of an acronym.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm not sure about fascism but the rest are all self evident.

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