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Is Canada a socialist country?

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Plz explain your views.
Update : BABE.. im hoping your pretty, because your obviously not very smart.
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It does have some aspects of socialism for needed services. But it has a capitalistic economic system based on free enterprise. Therefore, it is impossible it is socialistic.

Pure socialism is the government controls all aspects of business. There is no free enterprise. No one can own a business nor profit from it. All profits go to the state. It is a system that is wrought with problems, one of them being stagnation, because it takes away all incentive to excel.

The socialism I pointed to in the first paragraph, needed services are things like medical, police, fire, infrastructure (a combination of state and capitalism working side by side), military, schools, etc. All capitalistic countries have such socialism to varying degrees.

The one aspect of socialism that is used in capitalism is controls. Those controls are put in place so as not to allow the rich to take over the lower classes. With things like anti trust laws, monopoly laws, controls of how services are rendered, such as banking, communications, even the big guy buying up all of one type of business thus making a monopoly.

Unfettered capitalism is just as bad as unfettered communism and socialism. In the case of capitalism it will eventually result in a small upper class, no middle class and a vast poor class. That is why places like China, France, Cuba and Tsar Russia went through revolutions and is the biggest reasons all capitalistic countries have government control of capitalism.

Pure free marketers don't seem to understand that greed is a very powerful ally and that human nature, not theory is the denominator that takes over. A good example is Karl Marx, his theories ignored human greed and the lust for power. Another example is today, the decontrol of banking plus the government belief that free enterprise would be responsible helped create the mess we are in. People like Alan Greenspan has since admitted that was a huge error.


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  • Kenneth B answered 1 year ago
    The USA has Medicaid, Medicare for those over 65, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, Legal Aid, hundreds of other social programs, plus the big one Social Security. AFDC Program, TANF Welfare Subsidies, WIC & CSFP, EITC, SSI, CHIP, School Lunch Program, TEFAP, LIHEAP, Homestead Property Tax Credit and many more to numerous to list. These programs cost the USA more than $1.3 trillion in 2013. So what name do we want to put on this Socialist country.
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  • Chris S answered 6 years ago
    Yes. Canada has nationalized many industries, such as television, or its health care system (which is laden with problems and horrendous cost overruns).

    Chinablix- You have it totally wrong. What you're describing is communism. Under a communist system, the people have absolutely no right to property or profits, as the state owns everything.

    Under socialism, the state nationalizes various industries, but individuals can still own property, businesses, etc. However, they pay substantially more in income taxes to support the state, since anything run by government is grossly inefficient, such as health care.

    It's interesting to see you use China, France, Cuba and Tsar Russia as examples of "unfettered capitalism". You don't have a clue. With the exception of Cuba, the other three countries were headed by Kings, and none were capitalist. Where do you hear this stuff? France's revolution DID NOT create a free republic, but a bloated socialist state which exists today. Cuba, China, and Russia became Communist states.
    "Greed is a powerful ally"? Ally?
    Capitalists understand that human nature is to excel and prosper. It's human nature to want to improve one's life. It's human nature to be creative and inventive. It capitalism that brought us all the wonderful things we enjoy in life. It's capitalism that brought us technology, medical advances, life saving drugs, etc.
    Our country NEVER would have achieved greatness without the free market. NEVER.
    Karl Marx? His theories were all about power. Power of the state over the individual.
    One more thing, the "decontrol" of banking isn't what caused this mess. It was government meddling in the market, for political clout, that got us here. It was government forcing banks to write loans to "underprivileged" people who could never pay them back, which led to this mess. It was government forcing banks to throw out the smart lending rules that had always served them so well. It was people buying homes and cars (which they couldn't afford), on credit, then defaulting.

    Learn your history before preaching.
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  • Khushi answered 6 years ago
    Not as far as I know of. There is not sufficient labour protection or accountabily requirements for business.
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  • Daniel W answered 6 years ago
    More so than the US. They seize more of Individuals earnings and regulate industry more vigorously also govt controlled medicine
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  • neuroticwilly answered 6 years ago
    they show the signs! air canada, state owned, canadian broadcasting, state owned, medicine, socialized! what do YOU think! tim hortons is still privately owned!
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  • Fresh Jeff answered 6 years ago
    BEBE is right its basically a communist dictatorship run by a so called prime minister with absolute power.

    The prime minister appoints the senate, supreme court, and can stop a law singley handed all with no oversight
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  • BABE answered 6 years ago
    no its a communist dictatorship
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  • Is Canada a socialist country?
    Plz explain your views.
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