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Embarrasing Gyno Question!?

Ok so... I've had 2 pap smears so far (since I was 18.. 20 now)

Do all gyno's check for things like chlamydia or Pelvic Inflam. Disease?

I got a pap smear and a vaginal ultrasound... I am sexually active and I told them.. I was honest about it.

So if they never did call me back in, that means everything looks ok?

I'm just wondering about these things.... I did have some strand of HPV and she put some kind of cream in me... but I was wondering do the automatically check for STD's on sexually active teens?

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    i get mine done at planned parenthood and they do hpv and chlamydia but nothing else.

    Yes becasue they never called then your pap came back normal.

    if you are worried about other std's get tested! it is the best thing you can do for your self and your partner(s)

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    It might depend on your gyno. My old gyno didn't test for STD's unless I requested, though, the first time I saw her she asked me if I wanted to be tested. If your gyno didn't ask you if you wanted to be tested for those STD's then it probably wasn't done.

    Also, the doctor's office will generally call you if you get any abnormal results from a pap smear/pelvic exam, but not getting a call doesn't always mean everything came back normal. One of my old doctor's forgot to give me a call back on a glucose challenge that came back positive for gestational diabetes. I only found out because I called them after a few days and asked for the results. If you're really worried about the results and you haven't been called, you can always call your gyno's nurse's line and request they give you a call back with the results of your exam.

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    Some atuomatically screen you for many STD's maybe not all though. It is best for you to be open about the tests you want done and things you want checked out. They will be more than happy to do it for you. If you had not gotten a call to return to the office 1-2 weeks after your exam all things are most likely inthe clear. Now a days they weill mail you a note saying things went fine and when to schedule next appt. If you care concerned about anything feel free to call the office and ask if the have gotten the results back.

    be seeing you.....

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    Yes. Pap smears are giving once a year. They check for abnormal cells in the cervix, and std's. If you've noticed sometimes the take blood too. They're checkin for std's and your white count to check for any infections.

    If they dont call you within a week of your appointment, your good!

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    Yes they would check u for all STD;s If everything is fine they wouldnt call you they would only call you if something was wrong!! So if its been like 2 weeks since u got it done ur fine but if u are still worried give them a call

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    Your gynecologist isn't going to test for any STD's unless there is reason to believe that you might have one or unless you request a test. Your gynecologist deals with hundreds of women a week and a sexually active woman your age is nothing unusual.

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    yes, if they didnt call back with further news it means theres nothing to worry about. also, its completely normal for your gyno to always check for STDs. thats WHAT they check for.

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    my GYN only checks if I ask. which I do every year. I request cultures as well as blood work to test for HIV. If you have doubt always ask. I feel more comfortable knowing I am keeping myself healthy and my partners safe.

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