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Different Christian Denominations?

what all christian denominations are there?


as of now i am congregational Methodist... but i am starting to disagree with a few of the doctrine rules

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    When you get past the confusion

    past the Churchianity

    past the hypocrisy

    past the "me me me"

    then you found Christ

  • Many people believe that the catholics, the jehovah's witnesses, and the mormons and the orthodox church is christian, but in order for it to be a real demonination, it must believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven, other wise it is a cult. If you are having problems with your demonination go to another, it's not a sin to swith.

    Source(s): Holy Bible Pastor
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    The biggest doctrinal difference between Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians is this:

    We Catholics believe that the Church is a divinely guided authority, aided by the Holy Spirit (Mat. 16: 18-19). We believe that the OFFICIAL Church Catechisms are infallible truth. Catholics have two sources for theological information: Holy Tradition and Holy Scripture. This way, God can still work in our lives in ways that make sense to us. He can still reveal Himself to us by way of His Church.

    Protestants, on the other hand, rejected the authority of the Church during the Protestant Rebellion in the 1500s (before this, Catholicism was the only form of Christianity, besides the Orthodox Church). They believe that the ONLY source for theological information is Holy Scripture. Some even go as far as to say that the Bible not only teaches religious truth, but also scientific and historical fact (these are the fundamentalists), and they believe that this can and does override scientific and historical accomplishment of the rest of humanity. They also practice Sola Scriptura, the heretic belief that one can read and interpret the Bible for himself, without the aid of the Holy Spirit. This is why we've seen so many breaks and divisions in the Protestant sector of Christianity (over 38,000+ Protestant churches) over the 500 years since their man-made creation; while still maintaining ONE Catholic Church over 2000 years.

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    Too many to list. I have a "Handbook of Denominations in the United States" on my shelf that lists what appear to be over 300 different denominations. It is compiled by Frank Mead and Samuel Hill.

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    Church Year Established Founder Where Established

    Catholic 33 Jesus Christ Jerusalem

    Orthodox 1054 Schismatic Catholic

    Bishops Constantinople

    Lutheran 1517 Martin Luther Germany

    Anabaptist 1521 Nicholas Storch &

    Thomas Munzer Germany

    Anglican 1534 Henry VIII England

    Mennonites 1536 Menno Simons Switzerland

    Calvinist 1555 John Calvin Switzerland

    Presbyterian 1560 John Knox Scotland

    Congregational 1582 Robert Brown Holland

    Baptist 1609 John Smyth Amsterdam

    Dutch Reformed 1628 Michaelis Jones New York

    Congregationalist 1648 Pilgrims and Puritans Massachusetts

    Quakers 1649 George Fox England

    Amish 1693 Jacob Amman France

    Freemasons 1717 Masons from four lodges London

    Methodist 1739 John & Charles

    Wesley England

    Unitarian 1774 Theophilus Lindey London

    Methodist Episcopal 1784 60 Preachers Baltimore, MD

    Episcopalian 1789 Samuel Seabury American Colonies

    United Brethren 1800 Philip Otterbein &

    Martin Boehn Maryland

    Disciples of Christ 1827 Thomas & Alexander

    Campbell Kentucky

    Mormon 1830 Joseph Smith New York

    Methodist Protestant 1830 Methodist United States

    Church of Christ 1836 Warren Stone &

    Alexander Campbell Kentucky

    Seventh Day Adventist 1844 Ellen White Washington, NH

    Christadelphian (Brethren

    of Christ 1844 John Thomas Richmond, VA

    Salvation Army 1865 William Booth London

    Holiness 1867 Methodist United States

    Jehovah's Witnesses 1874 Charles Taze Russell Pennsylvania

    Christian Science 1879 Mary Baker Eddy Boston

    Church of God in Christ 1895 Various churches of God Arkansas

    Church of Nazarene c. 1850-1900 Various religious bodies Pilot Point, TX

    Pentecstal 1901 Charles F. Parkham Topeka, KS

    Aglipayan 1902 Gregorio Aglipay Philippines

    Assemblies of God 1914 Pentecostalism Hot Springs, AZ

    Iglesia ni Christo 1914 Felix Manalo Philippines

    Four-square Gospel 1917 Aimee Semple

    McPherson Los Angeles, CA

    United Church of Christ 1961 Reformed and

    Congregationalist Philadelphia, PA

    Calvary Chapel 1965 Chuck Smith Costa Mesa, CA

    United Methodist 1968 Methodist and United

    Brethren Dallas, TX

    Born-again c. 1970s Various religious bodies United States

    Harvest Christian 1972 Greg Laurie Riverside, CA

    Saddleback 1982 Rick Warren California

    Non-denominational c. 1990s various United States

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    I have a reference book of Christian Denominations and what they believe. It is two inches thick with over one hundred denominations.

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    I don't really know exactly how many denominations there are, but it is a trevesty.

    There is only one true interpretation of the scriptures, not many...there should be no denominations, just one Church of the Living God.

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    The 3 main denominations are:

    Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.

    Protestants are divided into thousands of denominations & sects.

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    Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox









    Word Faith

    Fundamental Baptist

    United Pentecastal




    Source(s): These are all i can think of
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    denominations ask what kind of Christian are you? what do u mean!? I follow Jesus' teachings not some faction of Christianity that is structured around only certain parts of the bible.

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    Tons, but only a handful are actually following Christ's teachings

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