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How long does strangles remain in system? Could symptoms just show up 6 mos later?

Bought mare in summer, got sick 2nd day, rolled around on ground had snot coming out of nose and mouth. Then got ok. Three weeks ago, lost a lot of weight, got strangles and can not get rid of snotty nose. She's been on antibiotics for the last 3 weeks.

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    I'm posting an article for you. Some horses become carriers, with chronic infection in the gutteral pouches, and can shed the bacteria again and again. Some go on like this for years. These horses can infect any horses they come into contact with that are not immune. This article also addresses the period of immunity that a horse has after an episode of strangles, and the issue of bastard strangles. I hope you find it helpful.


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    Oh yes, we had a horse come into our barn with strangles and 70% of the horses got it. (Strangles vaccine is no guarantee btw). One of them is still infectious 7 months later and although he had no symptoms at the time, he gave it to 2 new horses. He had now had a recurrence of symptoms. Our vet told us that Strangles is hard to clear and horses that are old, or have been ill or just not in good health are particularly susceptible. We have been told that even in a normal healthy horse they can still be infected months after the symptoms stop. However you may also want to consider that your horse has been re-infected as it sticks to everything!

    Keep her on anti-biotics after she stops showing symptons and get the vet to do a check before re-introducing her to a herd. Strangles is a real byatch to get rid of!

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    yes!! and longer. the only way to know if you are clear of the strangles,is to have your horse scoped. they check the guttural pouches. this is where strangles hide. to scope they drug the horse take a tube insert in the nostril. it has a camera at the end that is hooked up to a monitor. they visually check everything inside and will take a sample of any secretions. do your horse a favor take her to a horse hopital...NOW. also strangles are VERY CONTAGIOUS to other horses, the germs will live on pitchforks,waterbuckets ,feed dishes and believe it or not the dirt!!! oh and your clothes,boots etc!!!

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