What is the low frequency drum pad some drummers use?

It's a drum pad that drummers hit to make an extremely low frequency; making a crazy amount of bass. Just wondering what one of these is called.

I know the drummers for Framing Hanley and Drowning Pool use them.

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  • John V
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    1 decade ago
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    A buddy of mine uses an Alesis Drum Pad. Or a single "drum" from an electric drum set would work too. To be perfectly honest, you can attach a trigger onto some random chair or piece of wood or anything. Your main thing would be to make sure your module has that loud, bass, breakdown-like sound to it. A day to remember, The devil wears Prada and attack attack are a few bands that I've heard lately using it.

    If you don't have any type of electric drum setup it could get pricey just to have that one sound effect, as you need a triggered pad of some sort, module, and the cables and thats not including the PA. It's not really something you can have setup at home. Just for gigs and practices where you'll use a PA.

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