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Do you think the city Laredo, Texas is really a bad city like the media makes it out to be the "Drug War" city?

Or is this just a stereotype that the media gives it? Just more sensationalism? It's not that bad right?


Homeland Security is trying to do their best?

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    I'm sure it "could" be. I didn't look at link, but I live in Kensington in Philadelphia Pa, (dope/rock central) and it is every bit like the media says and more.There are good normal ppl. as well, but the drug and crime part is 100% correct. So I wouldn't doubt it.

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    No, it is not bad at all. People confuse Laredo with Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The problems are on the Mexican side with gangs trying to take control of various cities. There are parts of town to stay out of at night here, but that could be said for any American city. I live about 1/2 mile from the border and my biggest fear is that I can't get my front yard to fill in well with grass.

    Here is a shocker.... most crime ridden city in the US: ST. LOUIS!! Right in the middle of America's heartland, not near any border except Ill.

    Source(s): Midwestener living in Laredo for 26 years.
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    Send and email with this question to the police dept in Laredo and see what they say. If they have the time to answer. Mexican drug cartel wars are spilling over into the US, despite what our new Homeland Security Idiot Says. She ruined Arizona and is on the path to do the same with the rest of the country..

    Source(s): live in another border state...Arizona
  • Since the rival gangs from Mexico use it as a crossing point, it has become pretty dangerous. Might be time to shoot a couple of gangsters and hang them at the edge of the city as a warning.

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    It is not good, but no better in the U.S. - about 30,000 people are murdered each year in the U.S. At least there it is primarily druggies and the people trying to stop them.

    It has been bad lately because finally the Mexican government started doing something about those animals. Good for them. Kill all you want to!

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    It is close to the border, making it a target for drugs.

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    this problem would be solved overnight if drugs were simply legalized

    the drugs are going to get through, the drug war has done nothing but provide resistance and too much resistance causes a fire and that is exactly what the war on drugs has brought us.

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