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When Obama/Rangel/Congress Brings back the Military Draft, Will you be dodging it like me, and why?

I am a Liberal Christian Democrat, and here are the following reasons why people I would be dodging the draft, I recommend you all do the same.

1. I am not a murderer, babykiller or paid hit-man for anybody even the government

2. I don't have to answer to obama or anybody else but myself, who is a few jerks in washington to tell me what to do?

3. America represents the evil sides of these wars. Iraq and afghanistan are wrong, Neither one of these nations attacked us or did anything to us. Obama wants to invaded pakistan, and Other Nations see USA as a threat to world peace, b/c usa is invading countless nations for oil, profits, power and military based for illegal wars and russia,china may attack u.s.a. to try to stop ww3, or start ww3.

USA is the threat to world peace.

4. I am not a sucker. I know wars are staged for profits. The biggest business in the world is war. In 1972, Henry kissenger referred the troops are "military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used for profits in foreign policy"

5. The globalists are the real enemy.

6. There is no need for any troops, they have enough technology to use. they use make people think otherwise for the money.

7. I will not be used for a government.nwo that murdered its own people in order for them to achieve there global conquest and help them steal oil and gain power.

I plan on dodging the draft, when its re-instated before 2012, i believe by simply living in the wilderness or by the beach or in a cabin, where there is no population and nobody knows i am there.

1. Would you turn me in, if you could?

2. Are you a dem or rep?

3. Will you be joining us?

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    I've done my 21 years military service. I would gladly go back for more but I don't want to hog all the fun

  • 1 decade ago

    the draft will not be instated by 2012. People say this every time an election rolls around. Remember, Obama intends to withdraw from Iraq, not prolong the war.

    Even if McCain, who was very pro war, were elected, I doubt the draft would have been brought back

  • AD
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    1. No, because I don't want a coward like you serving under me or any of my other NCOs.

    2. None of your business.

    3. Can't dodge what doesn't exist. Even if the draft did exist I don't have to dodge it since I'm already in the Army and if I wasn't I would be past the maximum age already.

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    Depends on what I'm doing with my life then, I will be 19 by then so I'll be ripe for the draft, and I don't know how I'll support myself in the woods at 19 years old and no money?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Where did you get the idea of a draft by 2012?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    same answer. 2 more points

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