What should i wear on genius/nerd day?

senior week is in two weeks (its like homecoming)..and one of the days is "genius" day...but idk wat to wear..because dressing like a nerd isnt exactly the same as dressing as a genius..but then again how would u dress like a genius??

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    1 decade ago
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    You can wear really high pants and like a plain button up shirt tucked in with a belt. And wear like Nerdy glasses and really long socks. Then carry around your biggest book all day

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    if you're going to dress like a genius, you might want to wear an einstein costume w/ a wig and all... but if you don't want to go that far, just stick to the nerd thing. wear an oxford shirt, high waisted khaki pants or cargo shorts, suspenders, a bow tie, and the thickest glasses you can find. hope i helped :)

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    Wear a colored shirt with a pocket on the breast. In the pocket put some high-lighters. Wear a ugly pair of capris or chords. Also a ugly pair of wide-rimmed glasses. On top of that wear dark sock with nerdy sandles!

    Hope I helped!


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    try channeling your inner Urkel. you can never go wrong with the Urkel.

    but it sounds like fun. try high waters pants that come up to your chest. haha. and giant glasses and knee high socks. and suspenders. please don't forget the suspenders. and a pocket protector. pretty much any dorky thing you may come across at the mall. or even try a thrift shop! let me tell you, they have some pretty outrageously hideous stuff. i'm talking about the ultimate pairs of mom jeans. really. i think that's where all of our moms go for that particular item of clothing. seeing as how they all seem to have at least one pair.

    anyway, have fun. and remember, never be ashamed to embrace the nerd power!

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  • 1 decade ago

    some big glasses

    a lined shirt with a pocket on the side

    with pens and a notepad[packet kind] inside the pocket

    then some faded jeans

    with like some brown casual work shoes

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    Dress like Steve Urkle, I LOVE HIM (:

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    1 decade ago

    gelled hair and big glasses with high pants and a checkered shirt...

  • 1 decade ago

    sit in a wheelchair & talk through narrator on the computer :-)

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    Oooh fun.

    Wear high pants.


    High socks.

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