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In the movie "Walk the Line", they present June Carter as a solo artist, wasn't she just with her family?

Wasn't she just with the Carters?

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    As a singer, she had both. She had a career singing with first her family (starting at the age of 10 in 1939), a solo career, and later singing with her third husband, Johnny Cash. As a solo artist, she became somewhat successful with upbeat country tunes of the 1950s like "Jukebox Blues" and the comedic hit "No Swallerin Place" by Frank Loesser with her exaggerated breaths. June also recorded "The Heel," in the 1960s along with many other songs. She won a Grammy Award in 1999 for her solo album, Press On. Because she was thin, lanky, and "a natural clown", she became quite a comedian on stage and on the air.

    The film largely focuses on the development of her relationship with Johnny Cash over the course of 17 years; from their first meeting, to her finally accepting his proposal for marriage in 1968.

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