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I have a Dell computer with Windows Vista. Please help, why wont this go away?!?

On my computer I have the free version of AVG 8.0 and its always worked well. Yesterday an "Anti-Virus" with AVG1 popped up and told me I had viruses in my computer. It ran a scan automatically after I chose to "run" the program. It had Windows Security Alerts pop up with it telling me that I had no more Malware protection and I needed to buy the AVG-1 Anti Virus to fix this. Then in order to remove anything, you have to purchase it (nothing with that was free). So I knew that was a waste of time. I already had my free AVG installed and it has been good so far, so I went to the one I've had, scanned and "removed all infections" and I updated my free version to protect against viruses now that it is up to date. Now it says my computer is running normally and when I go through control panel to check Windows Secury Center it says my malware is on and working.

But still, this "Anti-Virus" powered by AVG1 is still here telling me I'm infected and malware is not working and to buy the package to fix this. Obviously I believe my computer over this random package (even if its powered by AVG) So I was tired of it saying I was infected and "Unistalled" the anti-virus, and its desktop and everything went away too. Then I searched for it with the start menu and erased the anti-virus folder. My problem is, its still here! Everytime I turn on my computer this program tells me I'm not protected and to buy the product to fix this along with Security Center telling me Malware is not working as well.

I know this isn't true since my computer says everythings fine, so I just want this program to go away. I've deleted it and it says its not on the programs list anymore but yet its still here! How do I permantley get rid of this so it's logo doesn't pop up anymore with security alerts on my taskbar on my desktop. Sorry, I know this is a lot. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

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    Sounds like another variant of the SmitFraud virus. First I've heard of this one, but Antivirus 360, Spyware Guard 2008, Antivirus 2009 and many similar sounding programs are versions of the smitfraud virus. Most popular AntiVirus programs have trouble with it. There is a specific tool to address this problem. You can run it as a scan first to make sure that this is the problem.

    Go to this link:


    Download smitfraudfix.exe

    Run it in safe mode in a command prompt window.

    Don't ever click on a popup "antivirus warning" unless the name of a program you have already installed is in the title area a the top of the window.

    Command Prompt

    Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

    Drag the file icon into the Command Prompt window. The entire file path should appear.

    Hit enter to run.

    Safe mode

    Restart the machine.

    Press F8 before the Windows StartUp screen appears.

    The boot choices menu should appear.

    Press the number for the safe mode option.

  • If your concerned with viruses, try out Linux. I'd recomend Ubuntu to you... To answer your question, go to task manager and close its process.

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    whoa whoa whoa

    u said removed all infections....noo!!! u supposed to click quarantine..i not remember because i remove avg and i installed avira...

    listen...remove avg and install avira then scan and update, too

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