My tax return has wrong Bank account number both Federal and NJ state tax.What should be done?

I talk to IRS and they ask me to Send 3911.Can anyone tell me how to fill the 3911 form and what should be done for NJ tax.


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    Not sure why the IRS requested Form 3911. That's intended for a lost check or the rare case where an ACH transaction is sent to the wrong account when you enter the wrong routing or account number on your tax return.

    Normally if you fat-finger the routing or account number the ACH deposit will reject. Account numbers normally have a check-digit that normally prevents mangled account numbers from resulting in a valid account number. And if you entered an account number for an account that you are not a named owner or authorized depositor on, the payment should be rejected by the bank.

    Normally when you use a bad routing or account number the ACH will reject and the money will be returned to the IRS. They will then cut a check and mail it to you, typically within 4 to 6 weeks of when the transaction is returned by the bank.

    If the IRS has confirmed that an ACH to the wrong account was accepted by the bank, complete Form 3911 and send it to them. Section I is self-explanatory. In Section II, fill in the routing account numbers as shown on your tax return and check the "Yes" or "No" box as appropriate for the RAL question. Sign and date in Section III and mail it to the IRS Service Center that services your home address. The address is in the Form 1040 instructions or can be located here:,,id=105693,

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    my federal income tax for 2011 was to sent my personal address. In Newark New Jersey. How do inquire about it.

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    if you have a jackson hewitt near by they will help you fill out the form for free. for the nj tax you will have to contact the nj tax commission and ask what form to fill out.

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    IRS will deliver you a letter letting you recognize they are going to ought to mail you a verify. as quickly as IRS gets notification from the economic company that the verify grew to become into rejected, then IRS will deliver you a verify in approximately 3-6 weeks. good success.

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