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what are some key events and key people from the abolitionist movement in the United States?

and what are some similarities and differences between the United States abolitionist movement and the african american civil rights movement?

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    Important people:

    --William Lloyd Garrison (founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society)

    --Writers like John Greanleaf Whittier and Harriet Beecher Stowe

    --Writer and former slave Frederick Douglass

    --James Mercer Langston, co-founder of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society

    --Benjamin Rush

    --A number of Quakers, including John Woolman

    --Thomas Paine

    --Evangelical minister Theodore Weld

    --Charles Finney

    Important events:

    --Feb 18 1688: The German Mennonite Revolution Against Slavery passes, the first formal anti-slavery protest in colonial America.

    --July 6, 1753: The National Council of Colored People is founded in Rochester, N.Y.

    --April 6, 1776: The Continental Congress suspends the slave trade.

    --July 2, 1777: Vermont becomes the first jurisdiction to abolish slavery.

    --August 22, 1781: In Brown and Bett v. Ashley, a Massachusetts judge rules that the state constitution "free and equal clause applies to blacks.

    --July 8, 1783: The Massachusetts Supreme Court declares slavery unconstitutional in Commonwealth v. Jennison.

    --April 23, 1784: The Continental Congress prohibits slavery in the Northwest Territory.

    --January 25, 1785: The New York State Anti-Slavery Society is founded

    --February 12, 1793: The Fugitive Slave Law of 1793 becomes law.

    --March 22, 1794: Congress prohibits Americans from taking part in the international slave trade.

    --March 28, 1828: The anti-slavery journal Rights of All is first published.

    --November 30, 1830: The American Society of Free Persons of Color is founded.

    --January 1, 1831: William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing the militant antislavery newspaper The Liberator. On the first page of the first issue, Garrison defiantly declared: “I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—and I will not retreat a single inch—AND I WILL BE HEARD.”

    --August 21, 1831 Nat Turner leads about 70 slaves in an insurrection in Southampton County, Virginia, in which about 57 whites were killed.

    --January 6, 1832 The New England Anti-Slavery Society is founded.

    --February 22, 1832: The Salem, Mass. Female Anti-Slavery Society is founded, the first such organization founded by black women.

    --November 20, 1835: A committee of vigilance is founded in New York City to protect African Americans from slave catchers.

    --November 13, 1839: The Liberty Party holds its first national convention in Albany, N.Y.


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    Benjamin Franklin

    Thomas Paine

    Abby Kelly Foster

    Susan B. Anthony

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

    John Brown

    Frederick Douglass

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