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When Obama/Rangel/Congress Brings back the Military Draft, Will you be dodging it like me, and why?

I am a Liberal Christian Democrat, and here are the following reasons why people I would be dodging the draft, I recommend you all do the same.

1. I am not a murderer, babykiller or paid hit-man for anybody even the government

2. I don't have to answer to obama or anybody else but myself, who is a few jerks in washington to tell me what to do?

3. America represents the evil sides of these wars. Iraq and afghanistan are wrong, Neither one of these nations attacked us or did anything to us. Obama wants to invaded pakistan, and Other Nations see USA as a threat to world peace, b/c usa is invading countless nations for oil, profits, power and military based for illegal wars and russia,china may attack u.s.a. to try to stop ww3, or start ww3.

USA is the threat to world peace.

4. I am not a sucker. I know wars are staged for profits. The biggest business in the world is war. In 1972, Henry kissenger referred the troops are "military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used for profits in foreign policy"

5. The globalists are the real enemy.

6. There is no need for any troops, they have enough technology to use. they use make people think otherwise for the money.

I plan on dodging the draft, when its re-instated before 2012, i believe by simply living in the wilderness or by the beach or in a cabin, where there is no population and nobody knows i am there.

1. Would you turn me in, if you could?

2. Are you a dem or rep?

3. Will you be joining us?

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    1. No, I would certainly not turn you in.

    2. I am neither.

    3. Yes

    My family already has our plan in case either of my brothers (I have 3) get drafted. They refuse, as I would, to fight for these idiots. Our government has become corrupt, and it has actually been like that for a while. We're slowly drifting downward, and it's not only the fault of Congress and our leaders (Presidents Bush+Obama), but ours too. We payed the price when we voted them in. Who could so many millions of people be so stupid? Our leaders have been greedy and power-hungry. It's the cold hard truth and we have to come to accept it sooner or later. We have people (soliders/troops) stationed all over the world so that we keep an eye one everyone and make sure we don't lose the power we've acquired over so many years of corruption and easy picking. (I say we, as the United States that I am a part of, but really, I mean the gov.) I would refuse, and my brothers refuse to fight and die so that these idiots can buy an extra jet, or another swimming pool. If they try and draft my brothers when they coem of age, we all plan to move to Mexico, where we have a house we have been building and working on for some 6 or 7 years now. We will turn back and leave, never to return again, and without any doubts what so ever. We're not suckers either. ;]

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    I served Myself over in a war zone and it's not fun.. Here is the deal you see all these poeople saying that they wouldn't dodge. They don't know what they are gonna do. They talk tough now but they are full of it. See all the women commenting? Well the new draft includes them too. Funny how they have an opinion when they think they won't be involved in a draft. I don't care what you do. If you don't want to be there I'll feel way better. Cause I will have some one who does watching my back. Another thing the wars today aren't for freedom they aren't even for defending the people its about America's interests that's it. So I don't care If you dodge. Besides anyone remember the 13th Amendment??? It didn't just abolish slavery but involentery servitude. What you think a Draft is? It's making you serve. If you dodge and then become president and send people off to die. Then I will hate you.

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    1.) I wouldn't turn you in. I don't agree with drafts unless you're fighting Hitler or some other clear, direct, threat to national security or the rest of the world.

    2.) I'm a conservative, I usually vote Republican.

    3.) That's a hard one. I'm a woman and cannot be drafted, but if I could I don't think I would dodge the draft if we faced a real threat from Pakistan. If they are able to deliver nuclear missiles in the near future, I would consider that a valid reason for a draft. (Still wouldn't turn you in though. I'm not sure why. lol)

  • My youngest son and stepson are both in the US Army and no, I would not support anyone evading the draft.

    In the late 60's a young man from my mother's hometown fled to Canada to dodge the draft. Years later, he received amnesty and returned home, bringing with him his Canadian wife. They had been home a couple of years when his wife went to a local convenience store. While she was in the store, there was an attempted robbery. She was shot and received a minor wound, but a police officer who responded was not as lucky as she was. He exchanged fire with the robber, and was killed. He wounded the robber enough to render him harmless. One of the paramedics that responded and transported the lady to the hospital was the twin of the officer who died. Both were veterans of the Vietnam war, both who had been drafted and served, one in infantry, the other a medic. Both had been childhood friends of the draft dodger who had shunned them for not joining him in going to Canada.

    The former draft dodger and his wife began fund-raising in that small town for a memorial to those from that community who had died in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, etc. He again raised funds during and after Desert Storm. He continues today and I've heard his speeches regarding the military and he begins, "I dodged the draft and I was wrong. I was cowardly and failed to serve as those who have fought for our freedom have done. I rationalized that I was making the right choice, but I was wrong."

    1) Yes.

    2) Republican.

    3) Never.

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    No worries. Neocons like to say that because they are still trying to take down the nation, by dividing and conquering hate speech, so that taxpayer money continue to flow to their global corporate buddies instead of to The People. Global corporations are new Empire that wanted all those wars Bush created.

    The Democrats got in because nobody wanted war. Gore won, Kerry won because of their anti-war stances. But those elections were stolen.

    In 2006 the American people said, "Enough! they didn't want fear mongering any longer.

    But Rush Limbaugh's failed "Operation Chaos" appears to still be in effect, especially if you look at the propaganda on Yahoo.

    If you want to fight for something, forget the "windmills" the Neocons keep planting in the lexicon of Speech. Read 1984, realize they're trying to fool you and talk about something positive that is the truth.

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    No I would not turn you in. Waste of time.

    I am a Democrat and you bring Shame to the name.

    No I would not join you. If I were to be drafted, I would honorably serve my country to protect it's Freedom. If I am not Drafted , I will sign up to help in anywhich way.

    It is people like you, who make our Nation weak. You don't know diddley what America needs. I know we do not need weak mindless, cowards. So go hide and keep your head down.

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    1) No

    2) Republican (libertarian minded conservative)

    3) Yes

    I am non interventionist. I oppose any war politicians may start. Wars the world billionaires and politicians start are not related to the citizens, or preserving our freedom or liberty.

    Just as politicians create national debt and inflation, they create wars and enemies. It is the nature of politicians. It is also in their nature to look at soldiers as stats and not human lives.

    The only war I would fight, is one to protect my neighborhood, or home, or family. Saying that I would join the National Guard if it was not used for policing the world.

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    You should just enlist now.

    That's how an honorable citizen "dodges" the draft; plus you get to pick your job rather than having it chosen for you.

    (And anyway, I'd love to hear in the news about you being beaten into jelly by some Army rangers the first time you spout off about your baby-killer BS.)

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    We'll see...i have balls...i dont mind shooting someone in the face...and watching their brain and blood...leak to the floor.

    But the again...with all this government control....and me being tired of our presidental dictators....with the federal government taking 30% of my taxes..charging the business i work for another 20% in taxes...then me getting taxed at the state level another 10%..then getting city property taxes.....then blowing it...and forcing me to live in Socialism...

    Yep...ill dodge the draft...and let this country burn to hell...all on its own.

    @alex w - people didnt vote republican...didnt you get racial digest? 99.999% voted Obama.

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    You know how I know your crazy? Your a Liberal Christian, that's like saying your a Oil rig worker that is part of green peace.

    P.S. you can get those government microchips out of your brain with a power drill.

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