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Who actually killed those four ATF agents at Waco?

"Two possibilities" should read "four possibilities."


"Two possibilities" should read "four possibilities."

Update 2:

Sorry, but it just doesn't make sense that 30 heavily-armed and body-armored ATF agents would be thrown back by a bunch of crazy, unarmored cult members, or that an ATF assault would result in four ATF fatalities and 16 injuries.

Sorry - that don't "pass the smell test," as we say in Texas.

So that leaves us with two possibilities - the agents shot themselves (seems unlikely), the agents shot each other through "friendly fire" (very possible), the agents shot each other INTENTIONALLY (would be very disturbing; not sure if it's impossible, though), or the FBI/ATF agents OUTSIDE the compound shot the agents INSIDE the compound - either intentionally or through friendly fire (very likely).

So, which of those four possibilities explains what happened to those ATF agents at Waco?

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    Who said the cult members were unarmed? The ATF went there to serve arrest warrants for unlawful weapons possession. They didn't expect to be shot at. If you saw the news footage it showed some of these agents being shot. The one that stands out is the agent on the roof. It clearly show him getting shot and the shots coming through the roof. This is an absurd question to ask. After all of the interviews with the survivors of the cult and the ATF Investigation it was concluded the cult members fired first and also set the fires that destroyed the complex.

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    huh? killing a ton of persons and arresting a guy who broke into an house he rents and then reasons a scene are the comparable element. i'm no longer announcing i area with the branch davidians or something, yet heavily what do those could desire to do with one yet another. one became severe stress that convey approximately the dying of dozens of persons, consisting of youngsters, the different became a stupid and minor infraction. additionally to handle your final assertion. i do no longer think of peoples concern with Waco became the police, it became the federal government, if so the FBI and ATF, no longer close by johnny regulation

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    You obviously know nothing about guns. A bullet from the gun of an 'unarmored cult member' and a bullet from the gun of a Navy Seal both kill you just as dead.

    You really need to update your conspiracy theories. There are some great new ones.

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    From the film I saw, it appeared the shots came from inside the building after the storm troopers began to enter. There is no way of ever knowing for certain who fired the shots. I am sure God knows and will, if he hasn't already, take the necessary punitive action.

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    As a reformed seventh day adventists member(who had the infamous church at Waco) I believe it was Satan who did all those horrible things.

    Source(s): Satan did it for the lulz obviously.
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