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abercrombie help easy 10 points?

ok so im a medium in abercrombie and fitch but i easily fit into an small could i fit into abercrombie kids??

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    Abercrombie & Fitch inches across the chest:

    S 36 - 38

    M 38 - 40

    L 40 - 42

    XL 42 - 44

    XXL 44 - 46

    Abercrombie Kids inches across the chest:

    S 26 - 28

    M 28 - 30

    L 30 - 32

    XL 32 - 34

    If you can easily fit into a small at Abercrombie & Fitch (S 36 - 38) and think you can fit into something two-inches smaller across the chest, then you can probably fit into an extra-large at Abercrombie Kids (XL 32 - 34). Depending on how tall you are however, it might not fit. I'd stick to Abercrombie & Fitch if I were you, or at least try on the Abercrombie Kids clothes before buying them.

  • Yes. You could definitely fit into abercrombie kids. My friend does this all the time.

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    there is one in Milpitas, California @ the large Mall. many of the stuff in there are quite decrease priced however the denims and a few tops at the instant are not suited. In otherwords, some denims are too huge for the sizing, some too small, some too short, some too long. although, i stumble on the shop a effective place for good deal buying. ^___^; Pricing: denims- $20-30 Tees- $4-7 wintry climate jackets- $40 specific style tops- $9 Sweaters- $9-15 wish this helped!

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    yeah, that should be fine. i can fit into a&f small. i bought a shirt from abercrombie kids and it's a size large. so get large or extra-large.

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  • yes...... im a small/medium too and i fit into a large in kids

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    Probably but you might have to wear XL

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    yupp you would be an XL. it's possible it might be a little tight though.

    Source(s): i work at abercrombie kids
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