How safe is Somalia at the moment?

After graduating fom college, I want to be in the Peace Corps for a while, but my mom says that Somlia is kind of dangerous. What's going on over there right now?

And if Somalia is so dangerous, would Eritrea be a better option? Any warfare over there?

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  • Shay p
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    1 decade ago
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    WARNING: Somalia is most emphatically NOT a tourist destination and not safe for independent travel or sightseeing. Those visiting for business, research, or international aid purposes should consult with their organization and seek expert guidance before planning a trip. If you must go, see War zone safety.

    November 15, 2008

    The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Somalia, including northern Somalia. On October 29, 2008, terrorists launched several coordinated and near-simultaneous attacks involving multiple car bombs against local and international targets in the regions of Somaliland and Puntland. There is no U.S. Embassy or other U.S. diplomatic presence in Somalia. Consequently, the U.S. government is not in a position to assist or effectively provide services to U.S. citizens in Somalia.

    Terrorist operatives and armed groups in Somalia have demonstrated their intent and capability to attack air operations at Mogadishu International Airport. Kidnapping, murder, illegal roadblocks, banditry, and other violent incidents and threats to U.S. citizens and other foreigners can occur in many regions. Inter-clan and inter-factional fighting flares up with little or no warning. Unpredictable armed conflicts among rival militias are prevalent in southern Somalia, particularly in and around Mogadishu. This has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Somali nationals and the displacement of nearly one million people. In December 2006, Ethiopian military forces entered Somalia in support of the Somali Transitional Federal Government. The continuing Ethiopian military presence and support for the Transitional Federal Government has heightened tensions among rival political and clan factions within Somalia.


    February 18, 2009

    U.S. Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Eritrea and recommends that U.S. citizens defer travel at this time. This replaces the Travel Warning dated November 15, 2008, and informs U.S. citizens that the consular section of the U.S. Embassy in Asmara has re-opened for all American Citizen Services.

    The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens defer travel to Eritrea because of Eritrean government restrictions on travel outside the capital city of Asmara and heightened tensions along Eritrea's borders with Ethiopia and Djibouti.

    American citizens considering travel within Eritrea should be aware of the presence of large numbers of Eritrean and Ethiopian troops along the Eritrean-Ethiopian border, and acute political tensions between the two countries. In March 2008, the Eritrean restrictions on diesel fuel supplies caused the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea's detachments to withdraw from the Temporary Security Zone, leaving no international observers monitoring the border.

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    While Peace Corps operates in many countries in Africa, Somalia and Eritrea stopped being options a while back. PC operated in Somalia from 1962-1970, and operated in Eritrea from 1995-1998. PC does not send volunteers to places that are dangerous or politically unstable, though these things happen sometimes. When that occurs, PC has a plan of evacuation in place and removes the volunteers from the country to a safe location, where they either wait until they can return, go to another country and start their service over again, or close their service out and return to the USA. For other country options in Africa, visit the PC website at and check out the "Where Do Volunteers Go?" link, which has a list of countries and a description of services in those countries. So, to answer your question--neither Somalia or Eritrea are options in the PC right now. Somalia is dangerous because of continued religious strife and the fact that warlords rule the country. Check the news and you will see that numerous clans raise funds by hijacking cargo ships off the Somalian coast and holding them for ransom. Until a stable government is in place and the threat of violence is very low, PC will not return to Somalia.

    Source(s): Current PCV in Eastern Europe
  • 4 years ago

    It is not safe to visit any part of Somalia. If you do choose to visit Somalia than I recommend going to Hargeisa because it is the safest part of Somalia. Don't even think about going into Mogadishu.

  • Anonymous
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    I agree with "Shay".

    If you do go to Somalia, there is an extremely good chance you will be kidnapped, especially if you are a woman. If many Somalians would go as far as making boats to capture ships thousands of miles off the coast than they will have no problem kidnapping you for ransom.

    Somalia has no government.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Somalias a war torn country. Mogadishu, the capital of somalia is one of the most dangerous and lawless cities in the world, be careful if you have to go there.

  • 1 decade ago

    I heard it's dangerous too, but not sure if it is actually..

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