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cset2 asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

Triple Citizenship?

Is it possible for a person to have and/or keep triple citizenship? Would they be able to keep it after they turned 18?

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    Yes it is possible but ONLY if all the countries concerned, actually ALLOW dual citizenship.

    Keanu Reeves is a good example.

    he has 4 citizenships but only uses two of them

    He was born in lebanon, raised in Canada, of an american father and an english mother. ALL 4 countries allow dual citizenship.

    He uses his Canadian and American passports.

    USA does allow dual citizenship.

    To Thomas B

    India does NOT allow dual citizenship. It does allow persons of Indian origin to live in India but since they cannot vote and they cannot stand for parliament, they are NOT full citizens. They have either OCI or PIO status.

    Here is my PROOF


    Read the very first paragraph,

    Despite all the news coverage and excitment over this issue, please understand clearly that India does NOT allow dual citizenship.

    OIC status was legislated in 2006.

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    Triple Citizenship

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    Theoretically you can become a citizen of New Zealand or Ireland later in life, sure. In order for that to happen, you most likely would have to be married to a citizen of that country, live there for several years, pay taxes, and eventually file for naturalization. Neither NZ nor Ireland have any problems with that and neither does Uncle Sam. If your goal were to get two more citizenships, you'd be living a rather interesting lifestyle involving divorce and massive moves across continents. The U.S. does not "recognize" other citizenships of U.S. citizens, meaning for the U.S. you will always be a U.S. citizen and nothing else, but they do not force their citizens to renounce their "other" citizenship/s when naturalizing. Ireland formally recognizes other citizenships, as does Canada and the U.K. in general, and New Zealand is also on the don't ask, don't tell thingi.

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    Well yes but not in Thomas B case (India doesn't allow dual citizenship [even if they call it overseas citizenship of india] it is NOT citizenship[most countries would call it nationality]).

    If all three countries allow multiple citizenship then it is possible (my father was a citizen of US, Ireland and UK).

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    Yes, there people who have multiple citizenship. Like my wife and kids,

    They are all US, Canadian and Indian Citizens at the same time, but only have voting rights in US.

    At the age of 18 and if they want to work for the one of the government agencies which requires security clearance they will then they will have to decide, but if they are private citizens they do not need to surrender their other citizenship.

    Source(s): Dear Docar, please do not confuse yourself, can you explain the meaning of Nationality Vs Citizenship? there is no diffrence. India does allow Dual Citizenship for a number of countires now since the law was passed in 2001. I hold a passport issued by the Indian Government and also a PAN card which is equal to SS card here, PAN card is issued only to Citizens of India. Please study bit more about this. Only right you do not have is right to vote.
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    Yes, I know a guy born in the US to an Italian father and Irish mother and he has all 3 passports

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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely you can. To Thomas B: if you cannot vote, then you are not a citizen.

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