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Who was th author of "The Alaskan"?

I know there are more than one book by this name.The only hint I can offer is the hero of the book I am asking about was Wade.Any information is appreciated.


I am pretty sure the hero's name was "Wade Carlson" or perhaps "Carson" but I am not positive. The gist was Wade had stowed away on a steamship and went to Alaska, then hired on as a stevadore to unload it.While working he met a older man named "Mitch (again unsure) and moved in with him.He became enarmoured with a Indian woman named Martha and after a affair with her married her sister (Alice?). later on he and some sourdough friends strike a rich gold mine and sell out to a big mining company. His exwife (Alice has turned alcoholic and comitted suicide.This exaust what I have ben able to recall.

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    like u said there any many book of it and one i see here is james oliver curwood thats one of it its not just one author as i can see and read soem of it so i guess what ur thinkign maybe also right,,,,,,,

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    Craig Lesley's Storm Riders explores the bonds between his characters with a clear-eyed, unvarnished honesty and complexity borne of compassion for people and dedication to craft. There are no easy answers for Clark Woods and Wade White Fish.

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