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Do you think that Britain will finally get a long hot summer this year?

Like the one of 1976

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    It should be better than the last few years, but there is no promise of a long, hot one.

    The last few years have been as they are because we have been under the influence of La Nina.

    That is expected to end this year so we should go back to "normal" weather.

    EDIT: You can ignore Dr Jello, all he ever bangs on about is global temperatures going down.

    1) They have been down in recent years due to La Nina

    2) Global temperatures have NOTHING AT ALL to do with local WEATHER

    3) Current predictions are for 2009 to be in the top 5 warmest years, based on global average, on record.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From what I can gather, recent bad summers have been due to the jet stream across the North Atlantic not being in its usual position, and thus not giving us settled weather. The recent cold snap and snow have been blamed on the same thing - the jet stream not being in its usual position. If this is a consequence of climate change, and such circumstances are going to be more common, then it doesn't bode well for long hot summers here.

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    I hope so - even though i wasn't born in 1976 - we also had one in '95, that summer was hard on my mum she was heavily pregnant with my sister!

    Nina x

  • Ben O
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    1 decade ago

    If you get long hot summers like that every 25 years, I'd say, this year looks good with at least a 4% chance.

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    Strange how your own weather service seems to show 2008 as on average ~1c above average for most of the year Jan, Feb & May were more like 2c above average.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not this summer, but the one after or the one after that, i.e. next time we get el nino. dont wish it on us too much though, last time (05) we had drought for 2 months solid in midsummer. crop yield were down all over south england except on the chalk, and us gardners had a hard time.

  • Amber
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah I have a good feeling about this year....

    Although I really HATE the baking hot weather..Urgh.

    Lol x

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    I hope so. But I live in wales and there's like a permanant frost over everything

    Dammit :)

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    that hard to day with the united stated and the pacific islands having all these hurricanes and tornadoes but maybe god will give you all a little sunshine this summer i hope so your due!!!!!

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    Probably not. Temperature trends are calling for a cooler year for 2009.

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