Why wouldn't I bleed my radiators for my steam heating system in my house?

And if the radiators are leaking water how do I release some of the overfilled water in the system?

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    1 decade ago
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    On steam boiler you will see a glass gauge and the water level. If it's all water then you have to drain the system down to where the level is at about 3/4 full. There should be a drain valve on the bottom of the boiler. This is best done using a heavy duty hose as the water coming out is real hot and could burst the hose, especially if it's plastic. You could use a bucket but be very careful as I said the water is extremely hot. Wait a few hours if you can after the system is off. Did you overfill the boiler or is the low water valve faulty? Also check the air vent valves to see if they are working properly. If they are old then I would say replace them. They are around $6.00 bucks a piece. You could also ask about the vents that you can adjust to balance the heat evenly. They are about $20.00 bucks and probably worth it over time as they let you balance the heat in all the rooms so one doesn't get hotter than the other. I have steam heat and I love the sound of the air escaping and the little clicking sound they make especially when it's 10 degrees F (-15C) outside.

    Source(s): Heating Tech 4 Years USAF
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