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How do i get a Shot gun license?

are they any reqirments ? and how much is it ?


UK only !!!!

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    You ask how do i get a shotgun licence,,

    contact your local constabulary and ask to be put through to firearms licencing.

    After handing over your address details they will send the forms to you

    (application for the grant or renewal of a shotgun certificate).

    Thats just the easy part. Do you have any experience with shot guns?

    are you a member of and clay shooting clubs ? Do you have any shooting permisions (sporting right over land) Do you no anyone who shoots ect.

    These are all questions that will be asked to you when a officer calls to inspect your pre mounted safe and iterview you (safe must be sercured to a main wall and out of sight) if you can answer yes to some of the above then you have a good chance.

    Another question which will be asked and must be stated on your application is have you been introuble with the law ie convictions ect.

    As super61 states you dont need to be a member of a gun club, but if you are it looks better for you, all due respects to the countrys police forces but they take alot of there own backs to no theses things even if its not in the guidlines set out by the homeoffice,, they can be as awkward as they choos to be.

    For a grant it is £50 and that last 5 year.

    Non of what i have said about permisions, memberships, knowing some one, are mandatory but by god they do and will help,

    Source(s): British hunter
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    You will need an application form from your local Police Station or local firearms dealer (RFD). Under the section reason for holding a shotgun state you wish to take up clay pigeon shooting. This is reasonable grounds for the application. You Do not need to be a member of a club.

    Fill in your application, with a reference from a person of good standing in the community. 4 passport type photo's and a cheque for £50.

    While your waiting for the Police to process your application you must fit an approved gun safe.

    join either the BASC, CA, NGO or the CPSA

    Source(s): UK Firearm and shotgun certificate holder.
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    there is not any such situation as a 22 shot gun....Do you recommend a 22 rifle? case you do then it wont be case you recommend a 4/10 shotgun, then you definately ought to persist with for a licence. in case you have any variety of criminal checklist, you would be refused. in case you're popular you will ought to get a metallic cupboard, and guard it actual for police inspection. save ammo and gun one by one etc. it is going to likely be extra ordinary in case you are able to guard a shoot, to grant valid reason to have one.

  • Anonymous
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    most american states have it extremely easy to get a gun. Such as walking up to the counter getting a background check and leaving with the gun. Hence the fact that children and adults are killed on purpose and acciedent by the hundreds everyday in the US. In canada it is well controlled and done properly. It may seem like a pain but if i run into someone with a rifle hunting on the same property as me I damn well want them to know how to safely use a firearm. In Ontario you must take a training course which is about a weekend. Then you send in your applicaton for your PAL which is a firerms license in ontario. Once you have that you may buy and aquire firearms. Then you register them in your name online and get a paper in the mail that you carry when shooting it to show that you are the owner. Hope this helps. Although google would help more or if you posted the state you live in.

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  • Anonymous
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    the only thing you need for a shotgun license in the uk is somewhere to legaly shoot (can be a club) and somewhere to secure your guns

    grant of a shotgun license is £50

    and the renewal of one is £40 after 5 years

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    there is no special license for a shot gun only. no license to own a gun. to hunt yes but not such a thing as a shot gun license

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    It depends on what state you live in. In Arizona you walk up to the counter then tell them what you want. They do a background check on you and if you pass you walk out of the store. It is that easy in Arizona.

  • David
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    Well I just walked up, asked for the Rifle, they did a check, cleared me and off I went.

  • 1 decade ago

    in the u.k.,you mustn't have any criminal record,in addition to which,they do a background check on you anyway

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