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Your top 5 or more favourite logos in the NHL and why?

Mines are:

1 - Chicago Blackhawks - So proud, iconic and traditional. The best by far.

2 - Detroit Red Wings - I love the idea of a winged wheel. A symbol of success

3 - Montreal Canadiens - Why? The 'H' in the 'C' is purely legendary

4 - Boston Bruins - In my opinion it's the most copied in all of hockey. Anyone would want that logo.

5 - St. Louis Blues - A classic bluenote. Individual. This bluenote can fly

6 - Philadelphia Flyers - A flying P. It's an instant automatic

7 - Minnesota Wild - Stands out from the crows, of today's logos

8 - San Jose Sharks - Did a brilliant job of re-working their original without losing it's special qualities

9 - My favourite team and a fan of the skating Penguin.

10 - Toronto Maple leafs - Tidy, simple, an example that simple works, everyone knows who the Leafs are, right?


The reason why the Hawks logo is so popular is because it really is iconic, proud and traditional. The name comes from Cheif Black Hawk, who was born in Saukenuk, Illinois. He was a leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe in what is now the United States. The logo also shows respect to the indigenous peoples of North America, the Native Americans, like the Chief himself

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    Among current NHL teams / but not necessarily the current logo

    1- Chicago Blackhawks: Proud, iconic, traditional, and honours the indigenous people of this continent. Plus a Mic'macq Indian friend of mine used to play for them. Like it better in red, but it still looks good in white.

    (I know of Chief Black Hawk, he's from the same family as Jim Thorpe; my maternal grandma is Shawnee / Osage and rumoured to be of the same family as Tecumseh)

    2- Montreal Canadiens: Proud, iconic, traditional, and whether if you intrepret the CH as Canadien Habitant or Club de Hockey Canadien it pays tribute to the Quebecois people

    and is a team I have rooted through thick + thin for over 20 years + will continue to do so

    For generations they have made a far greater effort to relate to the cultural demographic of their francophone fans better than any other team in North America do the Dodgers in baseball purposely get Latin players? Do the Celtics purposely get Irish players? Like it better in red, but it still looks good in white.

    3 - Phoenix Coyotes: I was a bigger fan of the old coyote (like on my old avatar picture) but the howling one in a burgandy background is nice as well.

    4- Minnesota Wild: I was a big fan of the old logo with the forest+star in the background but even the current logo is really nice.

    5- Vancouver Canucks: Big fan of the old totem logo from the late 90s but also like the current one, very old-school-ish.

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    1a. Detroit

    1b. Chicago

    Both represent tradition and simplicity yet attention to detail. These two logos could never, and will never be improved. One is my favorite team, while the other is my favorite rival.

    2a. St. Louis

    2b. Philadelphia

    They resemble each other in a way. One is a flying musical note, the blue note. The other is a flying P. Simple yet perfect.

    3a. Boston

    3b. Toronto

    A spoked B, what does it represent? I don't know, but I like it. A Maple Leaf basically represents Canada as a whole, at least the eastern half. Black and yellow go good together, as does blue and white.

    4a. Florida

    4b. New Jersey

    Florida's is the best representation of an animal in the league by far. If only the team was a fierce as the Logo...The colors are great as well, and the palm tree lets you know that the team is indeed from Florida, and belongs there as well. NJ's just looks sweet, not many teams would utilize a devil as a logo. NJ did it perfectly.

    5a. Minnesota

    5b. NY Islanders

    The Iron Range red is a symbol of the great Iron Mining heritage of Northern Minnesota, which is the same heritage my home of the UP of Michigan prides itself on. And the bear, or whatever it is, along with the trees represents the great WILDerness of Minnesota. As for the Islanders, Blue and Orange are just great colors to complement the good looking logo.

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    1. Buffalo original logo -looks great, and I'm biased

    2. Phoenix original logo-I don't know why they messed with this one. Very original.

    3. Minnesota Wild-looks simple/traditional from a distance, but more to it on closer inspection

    4. Chicago-always manages to stay with the times without changing.

    5. San Jose-not too complicated and great colors

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    1. Montreal Canadiens --> Legendary logo and so much history in the 24 time stanley cup winning team (Go Habs Go!)

    2. Washington Capitals --> The eagle is sweet

    3. Atlanta Thrashers --> The bird on the alternate jersey is really cool

    4. San Jose Sharks --> The new shark is really nice and a lot better than the old one

    5. Vancouver Canucks --> Similar to the sharks logo but the colors on their jerseys stand out more then their old ones.

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    1. Buffalo Sabres old logo.. A running buffalo with the sabre swords crossing underneath, represents Buffalo. Greatest logo in NHL history in my eyes.

    2. Minnesota Wild. Its just an all round put together logo.

    3. Calgary Flames alternate logo the horse head.

    4. Phoenix Coyotes alternate logo the running coyote.

    5. Montreal Canadians only because there tradition.

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    1. Red Wings 2. Canadiens 3. Maple Leafs 4. Canucks Stick-in-Rink 5. Bruins

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    My top 5 (not in any particular order):

    1) New Jersey Devils - it just instantly identifies the team (like the old Sabres logo, but more elegantly)

    2) Philadelphia Flyers - I just like it, its a model of simplicity

    3) Edmonton Oilers - very 70's-ish, but yet it doesn't look dated

    4) Pittsburgh Penguins - like the skating penguin

    5) Detroit Red Wings - although it's not just the logo, it's the jersey... two colors, that's all... kind of like the Yankees... you can't improve on it, why even try?

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    1) Flyers - simply because it is plain and conveys the speed of hockey within a stylized letter "P" to represent Philadelphia.

    2) Maple Leafs - the leaf symbol of old is more appealing to me, but even the new one is simple and symbolic of the Canadian flag.

    3) Kings - just perfect but laid upon an ugly jersey.

    4) Bruins - again, simplicity works for me.

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    1. Bruins

    2. Canadiens

    3. Flyers

    4. Canucks (like the Orca)

    5. Blackhawks

    Glad to see these teams representing their logo by playing some exceptional hockey

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    i have never understood how people like chicago and detroit logos, it just never looked that good for me

    1. Anaheim's old logo

    2. Sharks

    3. Blues

    4. Phoenix

    5. Penguins

    6. Thrashers

    7. Sabres

    8. Capital

    You can kind of tell that i like the kind of newer ones

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