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History-JFK, good point and bad points,?

Okay,well ive got this booklet to do about jfk and if he was a good president before he was assassinated.i need to break it down into subjects.ive already done one page bout the civil rights thing but i need about 4 please help me with needs to be pretty long aswell (1500 words+) so if you have any good websites aswell that would be useful.Also if you guys know any of his good points or bad points (preferly bad points because i dont have alot of those).Thankyou.

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    ~"The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic." --John F Kennedy, June 11, 1962.

    Keep the man's own words in mind when you read about JFK. His myth, based on his martyrdom, ignores the facts. You have no bad points? I have trouble finding good points.

    You could discuss how his and his daddy's mafia buddies stole the West Virginia primary for him in 1960. Winning in W.Va. was absolutely critical for him to be a viable candidate. Sam "Momo" Giancana, Johnny Rosselli, Santo Traficanti and Jimmy Hoffa made sure he won. Then those same folks followed up by giving him Illinois in the general election. Illinois put him in the White House. First order of business? He appointed his little brother Attorney General and turned Bobby loose on the mob and on Hoffa.

    You could discuss his women. He and Bobby took turns with Marilyn Monroe. The circumstantial evidence might not be enough to convict them for Marilyn's "suicide" but it would keep a jury in deliberation for a long, long time. Then there is Judith Exner, whom he shared with Mom Giancana. My favorite is Jackie's story about how when she found a strange pair of panties in her bed in the White House, she simply gave them to Jack and told him to return them to the poor little girl who forgot them. The lady he shared with Timothy Leary supplied him with LSD.

    You could look into Max "Dr. Feelgood" Jacobson, who traveled everywhere with JFK and kept him supplied with speed, steroids and various other goodies, both prescription meds and street drugs. Bobby's story about how he warned Jack repeated that his drug abuse was destroying his physical, mental and emotional health would fill a few hundred words. Don't forget to include Jack's response to Bobby. "I don't care if it's horsepiss. It works".

    Look into the truth of the Missile Crisis. Jack didn't end it. He caused it. The US had nukes in Turkey, within range of and targeted at places like Moscow. Khrushchev first asked, then demanded, that the missiles be removed. Kennedy refused. The CIA had just botched the Bay of Pigs and had screwed up several assassination attempts on Castro (Traficanti and Rosselli were involved in one or two of those). JFK authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion (it was Nixon's plan and carried over to Kennedy's term) but specifically said he would not authorize US military assistance to aid the rebels. CIA failed to tell him that their own estimates predicted failure unless there was US air and naval support - they also failed to mention during the briefings that they had irrefutable proof that the Soviets (therefore Castro) had gotten hold of the plans and knew dates, times, landing sites and troop strengths. For once, Kennedy kept his word. When the invasion went south, he refused to release US air and naval assets into the fray. In any case, Khrushchev and Castro put their heads together and decided to put Nikki's nukes on Fidel's island. Then Khrushchev offered to withdraw them on the condition that JFK withdraw ours from Turkey within six months and also promise to stop trying to kill Fidel and to never invade his island again. Game, set, match Khrushchev. He got everything he had wanted before sending the missiles to the Caribbean in the first place. Side note to history: The Soviets wanted their missiles within Castro's grasp even less than Uncle Sam did. They were overjoyed when the had to remove them.

    Or you could mention the "Missile Gap". JFK scared hell out of every American telling us about the disparity in the number of times the Soviets could incinerate the world as compared to the number of times we could. There was a missile gap and Kennedy had the numbers. He lied about them. US missiles outnumbered USSR missiles by a ratio of almost 10 to 1. Jack's lies helped him and Robbie McNamara initiate MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) and they launched the most costly, most dangerous, most insane arms race in the history of mankind.

    You could go back to the early years and look into how he and Bobby were key players on Joe McCarthy's team at HUAC during the Red Scare witch hunts and discuss the people and careers they destroyed based on rumor, innuendo and outright falsehoods. Or you could go back a little farther and look into how Jack's medical condition was so bad that he could not pass a military physical during WWII so his daddy (because Jack needed a military record if he was going to run for office) twisted arms, called in favors and otherwise applied the pressures he, Joe, had refined during his bootlegging days, to get Jack into the Navy. Then read the official reports on PT 109 at the Tokyo Express and decide for yourself whether or not the 109 was run over by the Amagiri as a result of Kennedy's gross negligence. Campare his exploits after the 109 went down to those of George Ross and Leonard Thom and explain why JFK was decorated and why you've never heard of Ross or Thom. Then check into the connection between Joe Kennedy and John Hersey and see if you can figure out why Hersey wrote his article for the New Yorker wherein Kennedy is depicted as some besainted super warrior rather than as the foul-up his military record shows him to have been.

    Ah, civil rights. Look into the massive illegal wiretapping he and Bobby initiated. Look into how he and Bobby brought all their influence to bear on A. Philip Randolf, Roy Wilkins, Bayard Rustin and James Farmer to call off their planned March on Washington (and what they said to each other and their closest aids and friends about the participants and their cause) and when they failed miserably in their efforts, how they reluctantly gave lip-service to their feigned support of the demonstration. Had JFK had his way, Martin Luther King would not have delivered the "I Have A Dream" speech from the Lincoln Memorial. (It was not an original speech and King had rehearsed various parts of it several times before at various venues, but for some reason the world believes it was unveiled on August 28, 1963. Such is mythology.)

    There is a lot more. A lot more. For instance, his involvement in bring the Baath Party to Power in Iraq, and laying the groundwork (or authorizing it) for putting CIA's hand-picked golden boy, Saddam Hussein, at the helm there. The CIA sponsored coups in Ecuador, Brazil, the Dominican Republic (twice) and the Congo (Zaire) happened on his watch. He authorized the assassination of our buddy Ngo Dinh Diem. He ran a secret (and illegal) war in Laos. He sanctioned the interference in Cambodia that would eventually result in the rise to power off the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot's Killing Fields (LBJ and Nixon took part in that one, too).

    You could go into his health, and how he and Joe made everyone back him in his lies about the gravity of his condition. It is very possible he could not have survived another grueling campaign and even more likely he'd have died in office had he been re-elected. His various diseases were debilitation enough, but that damage he was doing to himself with the Testosterone and other steroids he was using like you and I might use vitamins, the speed, the acid, the other street drugs and the addictive prescription meds he was on were killing him and exacerbating his existing conditions. The medical reports are now in the public domain, but he lied to us about them then. During the Missile Crisis, he was one nine separate scrips. Air Force regulations prohibited an airman who was taking even a single ONE of the nine from talking on the radio in a supervisory capacity to a pilot in flight because of the way those meds affected one's mental acumin and cognative abilities, but Jack's finger was on the nuclear button while on all NINE. Add to that the emotional and mental and psychological deterioration that his closest aids and family members have since remarked on - and the fact that he would mellow out by smoking grass in the Oval Office when things got tense.

    There was a reason that JFK pressured John Frankenheimer to produce "Seven Day in May". Kennedy had little control over his Joint Chiefs of Staff (and they despised him) and even less over the CIA (they hated him) and he was (rightfully) afraid of a coup in the USA. There was a reason JFK was afraid he would lose the '64 election. While he was alive, he was reviled and ridiculed and not very much respected, at home or abroad. Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets changed on that and in death and martyrdom he has achieved a fame and distinction the never could have attained or earned in life. It is truly sad the J. Edgar Hoover's personal files were never made public. I would love to see how much he had on Kennedy which the public record does not disclose. I mean, everything I've mentioned here has been available for decades, but what did Hoover have that we still don't know about? Not just on Kennedy, by Jack is our instant subject.

    I'm sorry. You need 1500 words. I think I'm close to exceeding that, and this is just an outline and synopsos. Mea Culpa. It is difficult to keep anything as short as 1500 words and to do a topic justice at the same time. Well, maybe you can go with just one or two of the points and condense it.

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    You are going to find very little if anything negative about JFK's presidency on the internet. Political correctness still dictates that he be remembered as the iconic liberal martyr who fought for the rights of all. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

    With out going into much detail research the following topics without using his name in the search bar.

    1. The Bay of Pigs

    2. Judith Campbell

    3. Allen Dulles

    4. The secret wars against Cuba

    5. Richard Bissell

    6. Sam Giancana

    That should give you plenty.


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    ~bcptm, I am truly impressed. From other of your postings, I thought you liked Jack. What, have you finally checked into the truth of the man and seen the light? Well done.

    You did forget to mention how the black vote helped put him over the top in '60, largely because of the efforts of King and the major Civil Rights leaders and then how he ignored their pleas for federal intervention to deal with the violence surrounding the Freedom Rides and the Albany Movement. It took James Meredith, the U Miss riots, Birmingham and the national media (thank you Walter Cronkite) to get him off his apathetic, unconcerned butt, finally, in 1963. Once he was sure it was not going to cost him at the polls, he pretended to care.

    Remember the Peace Corps. As I recall, he claimed it was his idea. Doesn't the record reflect that Hubert Humphrey came up with that one and JFK campaign aids asked if Jack could "borrow" it in the final stages of the campaign? HHH was more concerned about the program than the accolades and agreed (anyhow, Hubie had already lost the nomination). Hmmm, brother Bobby, with no experience whatsoever is already the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (Atty Gen) in the land, who else in the family needs a job? Oh, yeah, sister Eunice married that Sargent Shriver guy dad hired to our Merchandise Mart. Let's give it to him. Unlike Bobby, Shriver was eminently qualified and did a helluva job. Of course, he was related by marraige and not by blood so he came from a better gene pool. Can't say much for his daughter's selection of a husband tho. Shriver founded Head Start, VISTA, Job Corps, Community Action, Upward Bound, Foster Grandparents, Special Olympics, the National Center on Poverty Law, Legal Services, Indian and Migrant Opportunities and Neighborhood Health Services, and directed the Peace Corps but his brother-in-law took the credit.

    His domestic policies were a flop overall and the "New Frontier" was a pipedream that never approached fruition. The Soviets played him like a fiddle as the Missile Crisis proved. He did foster a building and construction spurt in the US when all those fall-out shelters were built as a result of his lies about the missile gap and terror induced by MAD.

    The fifty mile walk phenomenon he started kind of backfired. It gave us the stamina to hit the streets and do all those marches we did back in the good old days of the 60s when people actually gave a damn about what was going on at home and around the world and were willing to stand up and be heard.

    His "The Alliance for Progress" in Latin America fell flat on its face - he said because the leaders of the region were not ready for democracy, but he failed to mention that 80% of those leaders had been put in power through CIA coups, assassinations and overthrows of democratically elected reform governments during his and Ike's tenures. Golly Gee. We put people like Trujilo, Armas and Papa Doc in power then wonder why hundreds of thousands (millions?) of bodies start turning up everywhere, then complain that our boys don't want their victims to be able to vote? Shucks, that just ain't right. Oh, well, nobody ever accused Kennedy of being honest.

    You mentioned Judith Exner (aka Campbell) and Marilyn. How about Ellen Rometsch (and her close connections to the upper echelon of the East German Communist Party) or Mariella Novotny (who was splitting her time - and spreading her legs - pretty evenly between Jack, Bobby, Bobby Bake and several Soviet spies according to now declassified FBI records) Poor Mariella. She complained that "it was over so fast" when describing a typical roll in the hay with JFK. The British investigation of the Profumo Affair disclosed the Kennedy Brothers/Novotny Connection in late '63. Dallas stopped the presses on that one. Leave us not forget Audrey Hepburn, Lee Radziwill (Jackie's sister) and Jayne Mansfield or Gene Tierney and Marlena Deitrich. Angie Dickinson called her romp with the prez “the best 20 seconds of my life”, but Jackie said he "just goes too fast and falls asleep". Maybe the testosterone was not for medical reasons after all. There were scores of others that have been documented publicly, from "Fiddle and Faddle" (as the Secret Service code-named the 21 year old aids he was doing in the Oval Office and 19 year old Marion "Mimi" Beardsley (since the age of consent in DC was 21 at the time, Mimi doing Mimi was statutory rape) to Pamela Turnure, Jackie's press secretary to Suzy Chang (another disclosure of the Profumo investigation). Brother-in-law Peter Lawford kept a pad for him in California and supplied women, as did the rest of the "Rat Pack". In a pinch, he rented whores (apparently by the minute). Several of the Kennedy women were murdered and the murders to this day remain unsolved.

    His PT 109 crew called him "Shafty" and complained he spent more time chasing women than Japanese.

    Joe illegally spent $300,000 to get him elected to the House of Representatives in 1946. In his report to the Mass Sect'y of State, Kennedy reported that he had had no campaign contributions or expenditures. (I suppose the campaign Joe ran was not Jack's own, so it wasn't really perjury.)

    Don't forget Texas in 1960. JFK/LBJ carried the state by 46,000 votes, but tens of thousands of votes went missing and The New York Herald Tribune reported that 100,000 votes tallied for Kennedy-Johnson never existed in the first place.

    There is so much available about the man on-line, if you just punch a few keys it would takes weeks to read it all. Most of it comes for personal papers of friends, family, former aids and government documents. I've decided to lay off Kennedy bashing for awhile. It is just too damn easy there is so much corroboration.

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