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周傑 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



或是需要修改的地方,或怎麼寫會比較好點!!! 謝謝!!!!

My name is Jerry .

I study in Southem Taiwan University of technology .

My major is electronic engineering .

I'm a junior .

I want to learn some social experience in my spare time .

I am the youngest one in my family .

My old brother learns to repair the airplane in Taipei ,

My father works in Taiwan electric company .

My mother has a little American dessert restaurant and bywork a housewife .

My interesting is watching popular magazine , studying English and work out outside .

I’m use to buying a English magazine , I’m usually studying English

conversation at gobal villege organization , I like communicating and intract

to persons .

I believe that if I’m study hard and to do , haven’t anything can’t finished .

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    My name is Jerry .

    I study in the South Taiwan University of Technologies .

    My major is Electronic Engineering .

    I'm a junior presently.

    I want to learn some experience from our society, whenever my time is spare.

    I am the youngest one in my family.

    My elder brother learns and repairs airplanes in Taipei ,

    My father works at Taiwan Power Company .(abbreviated to Taipower—台電)

    My mother runs a small American dessert restaurant as a bywork of a housewife.

    My interest is reading popular magazines , learning English and exercising outside .

    I’m used to buying English Studio Periodicals「期刊」 for I’m taking an English conversation course at Global Village language school, I like very much communicating and interacting with English speaking foreigners.

    I believe that a proverb says “Where there’s a will there is a way.” 「有志者事竟成」,and that will be my mind for success..

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    My name is Jerry.

    I study in Southern Taiwan University of technology. I'm a junior. I major in electronic engineering.

    I would like to learn some social experience in my spare time.

    I am the youngest child in my family.

    My older brother learns to repair the airplane in Taipei,

    My father works in Taiwan electric company.

    My mother is a housewife who owns a little American dessert restaurant.

    I interested in watching popular magazine, studying English and working out outside.

    I used to buying a English magazine. I’m study English

    conversation at Gobal Villege Organization; I like communicating and interact

    with people.

    I believe that if I study hard. I will be able to achieve impossible mission.


    如果你寫的事段落 就不應該寫完一個句子就換下一行 要寫成斷落才行


    第一段: 開頭 你個人的簡介 學校 科系 還有你的優點 缺點 你的特色特徵

    第二段: 家庭背景 在哪裡出生 還有寫一些有關你的家人 家裡有誰 家庭的狀況

    第三段: 你有什麼成就 你有得過什麼獎 做過哪裡義工 服務 或者工作經驗 或者學校的一些活動

    第四段: 你的興趣 嗜好 專長 你生活的習慣

    第五段: 說一下 一些你人生重要的事件 例如 你轉學到其他市區 然後對你的影響 或者就一些發生過的事情 對你來說 很重要 不管是好是壞都可以寫 並說明對你的重要性

    第六段: 結尾 你可以 你對未來的展望和祺許 希望以後會做什麼 對人生的態度

    這些都只是建議 你可以加一些其他的東西讓讀你自傳的人更瞭解你~ 就有點人生回憶錄的樣子

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