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( ) 1. All the students ____ the question. (A) confusing

(B) are confused by (C) are confusing to (D) confuse

( ) 2. My parents ____ my sister’s marriage. (A) are worrying

(B) are worrying about (C) are worried about (D) worry

( ) 3. We ____ the basketball game. (A) were satisfied with

(B) were satisfying with (C) were satisfied by

( ) 4. Joe is really ____ in class because his teacher is ___.

(A) boring; bored (B) bored; boring

(C) boring; boring (D) bored; bored

( ) 5. Going mountain climbing ____ us. (A) exciting

(B) excite (C) is excited about (D) is exciting to

( ) 6. I ____ painting. (A) am interesting to

(B) am interested in (C) interest (D) have interested in


說明一下好嗎 ?

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    1. All the students are confused by the question.

    同學們因為這道題目而 '感到' 困惑

    2. My parents are worried about my sister’s marriage.

    我的父母為了我妹的婚姻 '感到' 擔心

    3. We were satisfied with the basketball game.

    我們對我們的籃球賽 '感到' 很滿意

    4. Joe is really bored in class because his teacher is boring.

    Joe 在課堂上 '感到' 無聊 因為他的老師 '令人感到無聊'

    5. Going mountain climbing is exciting to us.

    去爬山這件事 '令我們感到' 很興奮

    6. I am interested in painting.

    我 '覺得' 畫畫很有趣



    Be動詞 + V-ed / V-ing


    Be動詞 + V-ed 是代表說 那個人'感覺' 如何

    Be動詞 + V-ing 是代表說 那個人'令人感覺' 如何




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    1. (B)

    2. (C)

    3. (A)

    4. (B)

    5. (D)

    6. (B)

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