Laptop Fan stopped working?

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the side of my laptop has this fan thing and hot air comes out of it, and this morning it was working fine, i left it on n went out, but when i came bak tonight, the cpu usage was more
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You're CPU usage is way to high for a computer at idle, or even tasking for that matter. CPU usage at idle should be 0 to around 8-10 percent if background programs are performing various task. Your fan has probably burnt up and should be replaced immediately or you risk burning up the CPU or other components.
Do Not Continue Use until you replace the Cooling Fan.


PC Tech 20+ years
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  • Krista answered 5 years ago
    Don't run the laptop until you replace the fan! You can ruin your computer if it overheats!

    If the laptop is still under warranty, bring it in. If it's not under warranty, replacing the fan is a pretty easy thing to do yourself, or you could ask one of your geek friends to help.
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  • Shilo E answered 5 years ago
    I do not work in IT nor do I claim to be an expert.. but my brother does and from my understanding, it is very much like a kite. Sometimes the kite will not pick up and fly through the air because it is not in the right wind, right? You can sometimes get a lot of speed up and the kite will fly.

    If you take off the casing of the laptop (as in, reveal the fan), you should be able to get the fan working again with very little trouble. The manual way is to blow on it until it picks up and registers movement.. and should restart. Sometimes you have to do it for a good 30 seconds to 2 minutes.. it has never taken me longer than that.. but I would encourage you to try for four minutes maximum and then take it to a computer shop. Please try this and edit your post with your results - I hope it works. :)


    Once it happened to me when I did not have enough money to take my computer to the computer shop.
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  • Mr M T Belly answered 5 years ago
    so in other words, its not doing its blowe job
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  • chocolate20 answered 5 years ago
    There is not a manual way to turn it on. You have to go to a professional and have it either fixed or replaced with another one.
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  • Gretchen A answered 5 years ago
    your laptop will blow up and you will die.


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