Naruto Shippuuden Viz Dub Released?

In every trailer they say naruto shippuden is gonna stream on on January

I tried the site but i can't watch any from it since i am not from US

Can someone tri this link and say whether it is complete episodes or not?

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    No Naruto Shippuuden dub has not yet been released. The naruto trailers you've seen are just trailers that tell you that , that website will be posting new SUBBED Shippuuden episodes, straight from Japan, each week. So that the subbed version can catch up to the japanease raw version. In wikipedia it says that the dub version of naruto shippuuden will be released later this year. Once regular Naruto is over, which my estimate is probably around April or May, they will begin airing Shippuuden probably in Cartoon Network or Adult Swim because of its more mature contents. Nothing is certain but I am certain that Shippuuden will be dubbed since the same cast has been chosen and the trailers have been dubbed as well. But the trailers, in my opinion shouldn't have been dubbed, because a lot of people became confused. Most people believed Shippuden dub would be coming out in January 15 but the truth was that they were just promoting that every week 8 new episodes, "fresh from Japan", would be subbed two hours after the premiere date in Japan and posted on the web. Not the dub version but the sub version. But don't sweat it because Naruto Shippuuden will be dubbed and released soon during this year. But if you really want to watch it try watching it in subbed. Http:// does have complete episodes but remember that they are not dubbed but subbed.

    Source(s): I've read wikipedia and answered this question A LOT lol =] Hope I helped.
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    I have other page where you can find all the episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden !!


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    it is; they are from hulu. Check that site too.

    If that doesn't work, also check If you can't get on any of those sites you'll have to find a proxy to make it seem like you're from the US

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