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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPerforming Arts · 1 decade ago

Swan Lake an overall plot plz?

Can someone please give me a plot of swan lake. Something understandable and easy. not the jargon i find on online sites.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The quick simple version:

    An evil sorcerer has turned a bunch of girls into swans and their parents' tears have fromed a lake (this is Swan Lake). A prince (who has just turned 21 and has to be married soon) finds the lake, learns about the spell from the Swan Queen (named Odette), and tries to break the spell (the spell can only be broken if a man vows his undying love to her). The sorcerer tries to stop him and trick him. They battle. In the end the prince vows his love to the Swan Queen (Odette) and he breaks the curse.

    The more detailed verison:

    Okay, basically there is a prince named Siegfried, who has just turned 21, and will soon be married (arranged marriage). Aware of the responsibilites that will soon be thrust upon him, he takes to the woods with his hunting buddies for kind-of a bachelor night out. Siegfried gets ahead of the hunting group and arrives (by himself) at a peaceful lake with several swans in it, and one swan wears a crown. an evil sorcerer, Von Rothbart (who is disguised as Siegfried's mentor) has turned girls into swans, and the lake is made up of the tears of their crying parents. The only way the spell could be broken is if a man, pure in heart, pledges his love to her. The prince attempts to do so, but the evil sorcerer, of course, keeps him from being able to do so by making the swans (magically) dance on the lake and shore. Then the evil sorcerer makes his daughter look like the swan girl from Swan Lake and tricks Siegfried into professing his love for her. However, the real Swan Princess (Odette is her name) is there, the prince sees her and realizing he's been tricked. But Odette (the swan princess) heard him pledge his love to the other girl and so she runs back to the lake upset. The prince runs after Odette and explains what happens. The sorcerer insists the prince must marry his daughter. There is a battle between the prince and the sorcerer. The prince vows his love to Odette and takes her hand and they jump into the lake together and the spell is broken. Their spirits ascend to the heavens (apparently they die when they jump into the lake).

    Note: Many different endings exist, ranging from romantic to tragic: (from

    In a version which has an ending very close to the original danced by American Ballet Theatre in 2005, Siegfried's mistaken pledge of fidelity to Odile consigns Odette to eternal swanhood. Realizing that her last moment of humanity is at hand, Odette commits suicide by throwing herself into the lake. The Prince does so as well. This act of sacrifice and love breaks von Rothbart's power, and he is destroyed. In the final tableau, the lovers are seen rising together to heaven in apotheosis.

    In a version danced by the Mariinsky Ballet in 2006, the true love between Siegfried and Odette defeats von Rothbart, who dies after the prince breaks one of his wings. Odette is restored to human form to unite happily with the prince. This version has often been used by Russian and Chinese ballet companies.

    In a version danced by New York City Ballet in 2006 (with choreography by Peter Martins after Lev Ivanov, Marius Petipa, and George Balanchine), the Prince's declaration that he wishes to marry Odile constitutes a betrayal that condemns Odette to remain a swan forever. Odette is called away into swan form, and Siegfried is left alone in grief as the curtain falls.

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  • 3 years ago

    Swan Lake Synopsis

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  • 4 years ago

    Story Of Swan Lake

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