Question about Alaskan Currency?

I've been reading that the average price of things in Alaska are more expensive than in the main USA land because everything is imported.

If that's true, then do the jobs there pay 'more' to fit the prices?

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    Although the currency is the same - the doolar, after all it's in the US, the wages are generally higher to compensate for the higher prices of goods and services.

    The cost of living difference between your current location and Juneau (or another Alaskan city) could be quite high or it could be about the same. Evening movies in Juneau are $10.00 ($9-$9.75 in Anchorage), a loaf of good bread like Oro Wheat is about $3.50, gas in Juneau is $2.65 a gallon and is about the same in Anchorage.

    Housing in Juneau is still expensive, even with the turn down in the housing market. I bought a 1300 square foot house in downtown Douglas for $163,000 in 2000 which was recently assessed at $256,600. Rent for a two bedroom apt. can be around 900 bucks and up. Electricity/oil heating another 100 bucks a month (or more) but that has gone up quite a bit lately too. My annual oil bill last year was around $1,700 but if the price of oil stays low, it should only be about $900 this year.

    In April of 2008 an avalanche took out Juneau's hydro power so the electricity rates temporarily went up by more than 500%!!!, but barring natural disasters and provided there's enough water in the lake, Juneau's electricity is relatively cheap and clean. Villages in the Bush are another story, with rates that continue to be hundreds of times higher than the national average.

    On the other hand, salaries tend to be higher in Alaska as well. Make sure that you determine the cost of living adjustment for Alaska by using a cost of living calculator. You can put in the calculator that you make 50 grand where you live now, and it might tell you that you'll need to make 70 grand in Juneau (for example) but figure that out so you can negotiate a fair salary.

    Source(s): E. Tomlinson
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  • Kman
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    Goods are more expensive, but housing is cheaper.

    Alaska doesn't have a different currency. You might want to rephrase your question.

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