DJIA 7564 7932 9843?

what do these numbers represent?


can I get an example of the equation determining this number on any given day.

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  • Kay
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    1 decade ago
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    It represents the total amounts of market price divided by total number of shares outstanding on DOW indexed companies (30 companies are in DOW) at specific time of a day when the market is open. Usually, the number represent a closing price average. DJIA means Dow Jones Industrial Average.

    DOW companies are: 3M, Alcoa, American Express, AT & T, Bank of America, Boeing, Catepillar, Coca Cola, Citi Group, Chevron, Dupont, Exxon Mobile, GE, GM, Hewlett Packard, Home Depot, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, Merck, Microsoft, McDonald's, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, United Technologies, Verizon, Walmart, and Walt Disney.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Where did you get the numbers from. It would seem that they are 3 numbers that are the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing price for a particular day.


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