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If Israel qualified for the FIFA World Cup would Arab/Islamic countries (Iran) forfeit the match or play?

As many of you should know it's not me that is playing politics as I am just asking a ? based on a hypothetical but very real situation FIFA could be faced with.

Remember it was Israel in 1974 that was removed from the Asian zone to European qualifying zone (UEFA) over threats of boycotts.

It was Iran that politicized sports when at the Athens 2004 Olympics Arash Miresmaeili ,Iranian world Judo champion, pulled out of the tournament rather then fight his Israeli judo opponent.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Iranian swimmer pulls out of a race at the last minute over what he claimed was illness. This raised suspicions as an Israeli swimmer was in the heat.

2008 Paralympics the Iranian basketball team withdrew from the tournament as they forfeited QF match against the USA. Over what many people viewed as they didn't want to have to face Israel if they had won the game.

At the WTA Dubai Tennis Championship Israeli Tennis player Shahar Peer was banned from competing in the event, As a result the Dubai Championship was fined $300,000 USD. Also Shahar Peer was awarded $44,250. There's strong talk of WTA pulling the plug on this tournament if this discrimination happens again.

ATP was faced with the same dilemma when Isael's Andy Ram was finally given a visa to play in ATP Dubai Championship after the UAE was forced to back down or face a boycott and political heat.

So the question on the table is very simple. Will countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE , Bahrain and Qatar leave politics out of sport and play Israel in a World Cup match if this came to be?


I agree race, politics, and religion has no place in Football or any sport as sport is sport.

So I hope for the sake of sport Iran would play the match if Israel qualified and it just happened they where in the same group or a latter round.

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    i'm very familiar with this situation from the political side, and as a sports fan i wouldn't cause any drama regardless of which side i'm on, since the sport is all based on competition and rivalry, but at the same time sportsmanship and professionalism, i would go on and play the game, this makes both sides more motivated to play better and win, meaning a more exciting football match, what else do football fans ask for than an exciting match? :D

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    So true the two guys above me

    i wish there were thumbs down in questions as well

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    yeah politics always gets mixed up intsports like the olympic bans in the lame:(

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    Let me repeat this:

    RACE, POLITICS and RELIGION have NO PLACE in football.

    Edit: I hope so too mate. Bc it's crap to see the sport ruined bc of people's varied opinions on disrelated matters...

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  • I agree with all, as long as the team doesn't have Lyndon B. Johnson in it.

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    So true...what he said ^^

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