how to deal with rude McD's employees? What should i do about their attitude towards me? I'm autistic,too.?

Ok, here's the thing: I am known to go to Wal-Mart alot. On average, about 2-3 times a week,some weeks.

Sometimes,i do not go at all,for a couple of weeks,as i have no need to go.

When i do go, i use the city transit system, as i don't drive,and the bus does not go to my destination,for about 4 hours, during the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, leaving me stranded either downtown,or at Wal-mart, til the bus will take me home from downtown.

I don't mind it,as i rather enjoy looking at tabloids,reading them,with my meal,and enjoying the free refills and ice. I chew ice chips,and yes,I know it is bad.

I always buy a meal,and it is usually the same one: A Big Mac meal, no onion, with three cookies: two oatmeal,and one choc. chip.

Sometimes,they will screw up my order, on purpose.

Or they make my burger really sloppily.

Ok, I have noticed, that over the last 6 or so months,the crew will not speak to me, unless they absolutley have to,and will NOT touch me to give me back my change.

They also do not make eye contact with me either.

At first, i thought it was just they way they were.

Then a friend, told me it was because they thought I was crazy.

That hurt, because this friend, who is also an employee, will not talk to me if any of the other crew is present.

It gets worse: if they are in Wal-Mart, in or out of their McD's uniform, they will not speak to me,smile or talk to me, even if I speak,smile or talk to them,first,either.

Then, it was'nt just the McDonald's employees,it was also the Wally world's employees,too.

They will not talk to me, unless they are the cashier,and usually hurry to get me out of their line.

Once, a person even closed her lane,making me go to another lane,and when I was leaving, she removed her "closed" sign.

That hurt.

I went to the manager,and he told me that several employees think i am crazy and are uncomfortable with me,and i have been seen "talking to myself,"

I don't talk to myself,i do,however, will whisper to myself if I am reading from a list or am looking at something,like a garment,to see if I can pair it up with what I have at home.

i am really into color coordination of my wardrobe.

i also knit and crochet and wear my creations. I get alot of positive comments on them.

I have gone out of my way to be friendly to these employees,and no amount of politeness,which I am NOT known for, works.

Also, I am Wiccan,and most of these people are "christian," and I have been told that I have caused a few employees to quit either Mcdonalds or wal-mart, because they are " uncomfortable dealing with a person from another,alternative religion".

What do I do?

I am not a people person,and frankly,go to wal-mart because I like the prices,it has all 3 things I can get at one place: a place to sit and eat at,grocery and shopping.

Plus, it is on the bus route,and since our car is broke down, i can go by myself and have some "me" time.

So, what do I do?

I am not crazy.

I am autistic,and these people don't know that,as I am not comfortable telling people I don't know that I am, for fear that they will think I AM crazy, or avoid me altogether,or think I am stupid or mentally challenged.

I mean, here, it is different: I don't know any of you personally,it is all online,so i feel ok about telling people.

But this is different.

What to do???

Do I stand up to these a$$holes and tell them that I think they are being very rude and not at all treating people the way they should,or should I keep my mouth shut?

oh,and they aren't all teens: one manager is a woman that is in her 50's and another employee is in her 60's and some are young adults,married with families, and such.

What to do?

I have noticed,too,that some, if not all of these people will not look at me if I pass by in wal-mart.

To me, this is not a very "christian" thing to do.

So,yes,I am miffed that I am being treated this way,by people who are supposed to "love one another" and "do unto others as you would you have done unto you."

What to do?

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    you do what I do and that;s to call cooperate and go above their heads they need to be fired for their actions and be lucky your not suing them which if it continues I would think about doing but first call corporate and just explain how incredibly rude they are to you and what they have said about the reason for being rude I promise you this will get their attention McDonald's toll-free telephone number is 1-800-244-6227 and Wal-Marts number is 1-800-966-6546 both will be more than happy to listen to you in fear of being sued, solve your problem with the employees and will offer you a free meal and a gift card for bringing it to their attention I have had to deal with similar things with McDonald's before because they hire people still in school that most just don't care if they keep their jobs or not I'm so sorry for the way they have treated you and please for the sake of the others they have done this too that may not be able to stand their ground when someone is doing them wrong call the numbers I gave you if nothing else to know you may have kept someone else from treated like that.

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    I agree with the above-write a concise letter to the management and the main office. Most fast food establishments have quality control standards and are VERY interested in seeing them followed. Dealing with all sorts of people is part of the service industries job. They ares supposed to be professional.

    As far as their behavior towards you when they are not behind the counter, yes it is unacceptable. They sound like they are rude and may not be practicing what they preach-remember, Christians are not perfect and there is a wide range in our behavior as well. Sometimes it can make me cringe as well, sometimes big time-all I can do is pray and realize there are some things that maybe they just don't "get yet". But that does not make you feel better at the time.

    I love the fact that you enjoy the bus ride and enjoy doing things to make your life enjoyable. Writing a letter may help you claim part of your own personal power back-if nothing else, it will have an effect on your power as a consumer. Maybe this location won't change right away, but maybe you can be part of the mechanism that will get it started. Good luck-I know it hurts when people are rude and cruel. It will return to them eventually unless they make some major changes.

    Source(s): Been writing letters and making phone calls for compliments, complaints and suggestions for a long time and have seen some changes so I know it can work.
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    WOW you make us autistic people look bad, now everyone's gonna know we're all worry warts! Just kidding, hon. IT'S MCDONALDS, BABE. ACT LIKE YOU DON'T CARE. I'm autistic, too. I was just like you, thought they were screwing it all up, turns out that they didn't understand me. I explained that I'm autistic, bipolar, schizo, etc, and they got to know me, they left me alone eventually. Seriously. Just ignore them or put in a ton of mcdvoice reports. Watch the screen, correct them hardcore. I had the same problem with the mcdonalds I moved to, and they bitched at me for a while, but I showed that I knew what I was talking about and now they perfect my orders each time. Show your dominance. This is coming from a McDonalds employee. All right? Minimum wage = they aren't going to try. MAKE them deserve their money.

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    First let me say that I am a Christian and I would never treat someone this way. It's ridiculous. Even if you were a stark-raving looney (which clearly you're not) it's really hurtful to avoid touching you while giving you change.

    And this "friend" of yours who works there doesn't sound like any kind of friend to me. I'd lose her like a bad habit!

    As far as how to handle the situation; it depends on what they do. If they become overtly rude (like really obvious staring/whispering) I would calmly tell them that you are not crazy, but that what they are doing is rude and it hurts. I might also tell them that you had been thinking of becoming a Christian but their attitude changed your mind (that'll get 'em!) Just keep it short and matter of fact if it comes to that.

    Otherwise, just ignore them and don't let them ruin your good time in Wal*Mart.

    P.S. for what it's worth, I wouldn't think you seemed crazy based on what you're describing. I think these people are just shallow, bored and immature. :)

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    Prove to them that you are not crazy. Being autistic doesn't mean anything but the fact that you experience the world differently to others.

    Instead of ordering your usual order, Jazz things up a bit to keep them on their toes. Order a Medium McChicken meal with lemonade and one chocolate chip cookie, as well as a chocolate sundae. Go out of your way to be nice to them and make them feel guilty for being so mean to you.

    If worse comes to worse, complain to the manager. ;} you may even get a free meal.

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    I am afraid the complexities of this problem, and some explanatory comments on some of the other y/a answerer's VERY fine answers, mean that:

    Given space limitations of y/a in giving an answer, it means that I will have to send you my answer in a series of emails. (Since the space limitations of each email mean only a part of my answer can be sent in each one!)

    Basically, other than agreeing with all that has been said here by others before me, and that I think they should all have best answer, my comments expand on theirs, and fine tune them, so that your complaint efforts will have a better chance of being successful.

    I hate doing it this way, but while y/a is a wonderful thing, it is so shaky and unreliable (much like internet in my area) that sometimes, my real answers, which are written in wordpad, cannot be dumped into y/a, as that causes the poor thing to crash...

    Hang in there!

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    What do you want to happen? Just because you are hurt and saddened doesn't' mean they are going to change, even if asked to change. Some people are just a**holes so just ignore them. I used to work in the business center of a supermarket. Though we were supposed to excell in customer service, every single one of my co-workers would mock certain of the so called, "crazy" people that came in there day by day.

    There was a certain woman named Angie who is autistic, carries around a radio and talks to herself. Not only was I nice to her, I offered her rides when I saw her around the town and always went out of my way to talk to her. This alienated me from the rude ***** club, but I didn't care...

    Point of the matter is, they all knew it was wrong to act like that to that woman and they didn't give a dang about changing. If you can't ignore it, go to another place where you will be appreciated. Don't put yourself through something you can't handle.

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    I would just ignore all those RUDE people, and eat your food and go about your shopping, people are going to talk about other people no matter who you are or what ever you have done, they will find fault in someone, just remember one thing keep your head high and think posative and a smile on your face

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    in Britain, a complaint letter should do the trick. [thats for the mcdonalds employees]

    as for the bastards that give your evil looks for no apparent reason , i would say just ignore them. and if it bugs u so bad , just go and speak to them, it would definitely shock and confuse them and would show them that you do notice these things and that they should back off and start treating you better.

    hope this helps.

    Source(s): my brain.
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    If you feel you are being slighted, write a CONCISE letter to the McDonald's corporate office. Have a friend or family member read it before you send it to make sure that it's clear.

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