What are your favorite songs sung by Julian Cope?

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    I've been a fan since his days with 'Teardrop Explodes'...love most of his solo stuff too. The 'Kilimanjaro' album was their best in my opinion, though when it comes down to it, I think I prefer his solo material ....as the two early 'Teardrop Explodes' albums sound very dated to me these days, and didn't age quite as nicely as other albums by bands from the 'post punk/New Wave/synth pop' movement of the early 80's like Japan, Ultravox, Echo and the Bunnymen, and The Psychedelic Furs for instance.

    I was always a huge Syd Barrett/early Pink Floyd fan, and their influence on his material is quite apparent. I think this is what drew me to him in the beginning.

    Julian's first two albums, 'World Shut Your Mouth', and 'Fried' released in the early - mid 80's were very good on the other hand. Then he sort of went through a bit of a dry spell IMO, as I recall buying his 'Droolian' album, and really disliking it. It wasn't until the release of 'Peggy Suicide' and 'Jehovahkill' during the early 90's that he regained my interests. The latter being my favorite album by him...favorite song from that album would be 'Up-wards at 45 Degrees'.

    Lately Julian has been making a name for himself online, with his internet site,

    'Head Heritage', where he reviews some great classic psych, space rock, Krautrock, and prog albums from the late 60's -70's, along with newer releases too. If you haven't heard of it, put it into your favorites...I'm quite sure you'd enjoy it:


    Here's his reviews:


    Julian and his wife also have a store on eBay, where they sell rare collectible vinyl. I've bought a few things from them over the last couple years or so.

    A few other favorites by Julian as a solo artists are;

    Drive, She Said

    Soul Desert

    Elegant Chaos

    Reynard the Fox

    East Easy Rider

    No Hard Shoulder to Cry On

    Poet Is Priest

    Planet Ride

    Greatness and Perfection

    Hanging Out & Hung Up on the Line

    Gimme Back My Flag

    A Crack in the Clouds

    Julian H. Cope

    Laughing Boy


    Sadly I didn't care for much of what he did after 'Jehovahkill', though '20 Mothers' and 'Interpreter' had their moments I suppose...

    Here's a couple audio/videos from Jehovahkill...

    Gimme Back My Flag:


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    Julian H. Cope...(this song is very reminiscent of Lou Reed):


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    I'll agree with World Shut Your Mouth. I'm also a big fan of the album Peggy Suicide. I'm an idiot though, I keep telling myself to research The Teardrop Explodes and I never do.

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    World Shut Your Mouth

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    geeez, that reminds me i haven't listened to the teardrop explodes in a looooooaoooongggggggg time! catch that a. Thank You!

    world shut your mouth of course.


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