Is there any one who have had such an impact on our western society as Jesus?


He changed our concepts of what's important in life.

Update 2:

Without Christianity the weak and the despised would just be disposed of.

Update 3:

The totalitarian regimes of Hitler and Stalin are proofs enough.

Update 4:

Jesus founded the Church that gave birth to western society.

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    Jesus was born in a small town. He never traveled over 200 miles away from the town he was born. He never attended an institute of higher learning, he never got married, never owned a home. He never visited a major city. When he was 30 he started preaching, three years later the religious leaders of his time turned against him and had him put to death. He never did anything that we would use to measure success by today's standards.

    Yet despite this, he is the most influential person in all of history. No king, no congress, no army or navy has had the influence over as many people as Jesus of Nazareth. It is by his name that millions pray, it is by his name that people curse. It is by his life that most of the world measures time. By his name have people set up governments. By his name millions of people feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit those in hospitals and prisons. It is for his name that buildings are constructed and people fellowship. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

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    It was not Jesus, but the churches which had such a large influence.

    If one reads what Jesus supposedly taught,it is not observed regularly.Religious behavior based on denominational teachings does show up regularly in both good and very bad ways.One could credit Hammurabi for our code of conduct. Jesus could be left out without losing much. Sorry.

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    Nonsense>Socrates, Plato ,Aristotle . Homer ,Copernicus , Galileo , Newton , Watt, Pasteur , O& W Wright ,and literally hundreds of others have had a much greater impact on Western Society then Jesus ever did.

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    Personally, I don't think so. Darwin, was an interesting counter-choice but he didn't reach inside the mind and heart the way Jesus did and he's not loved for being brilliant.

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    Antichrist is a wannabe but cannot overcome Jesus.

    Antichrist aims to undermine all people of faith by undermining all natural law including those regarding sexuality and right to life.

    One of the biggest tricks of Antichrist is to murder millions and call it a virtue or blame it on God.

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    True. Jesus' stories of love and affection had a massive impact upon the tolerance-centered and liberal society that has grown among Westerners.

    Although it seems the roles have reversed as time has gone on. :/

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    I would say the Muslim prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole world. That includes the western world.

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    Well technically it would be the book that tells about Jesus.

    Because Jesus never really existed.

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    Britney Spears.

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    or Horus, since the story of Jesus was stolen from Horus.

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