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I'm stranded on a desert island.....?

what should i bring and how would i survive?!

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    Is it a true desert island, meaning no fresh water and no trees? In that case you need to bring food, water and shelter...or hope you get rescued real quick.

    The thing with being "stranded" it implies that this is an unexpected situation and totally unplanned. Therefore, chances are you won't have what you need.

    However, if you know you are heading into an area where it is possible that you could be stranded, you would want to bring:

    Water or some way of collecting water, such as a tarp, plastic sheeting.

    Water filter/water purification tablets

    Fire starting equipment (flint/steel or waterproof matches)

    A couple of tarps

    Toilet paper

    First aid kit

    Fishing equipment



    Extra clothing

    Freeze dried food

    Multi-function knife

    Signal mirror

    A cooking kettle

    A full-color guide to the local flora

    If there is no source of fresh water you can use the tarp or plastic to collect rain, dew or even distill water from the sun. Dig a pit in the sand by the beach. Place the kettle in the center in the bottom of the pit. Place the tarp over the hole and anchor on the edges. Then place a small rock or shell in the center of the tarp so that the tarp sags in the middle (over the kettle). Then wait. In 8 - 24 hours you should collect enough water from evaporation in the kettle that it will keep you from dying of dehydration.

    Look for fruit and nut trees, edible grasses, etc.

    Build a shelter out of the wind.

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    canned foods like pervatives , packets of candy , fruits and water , well bring a pot so you can boil the water to kill the bacteria , that way you dont drink germs

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    hahaha yeah water and something that doesnt spoil

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    you should bring ur face

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